Spotify vs Apple Music: Which Streaming Service Should You Choose

Music has the power to connect people, and if you are fond of listening to music, you must have access to popular music streaming apps like Apple and Spotify. They are the most popular music streaming platforms these days. The best part about both these platforms is that it has a collection of millions of songs, so you can surf through the tracks and are surely going to find the one that best matches your preference.  Although the subscription charges are almost the same for both Spotify and Apple, you can go for the Spotify growth service to attract followers and grow your account, while Apple Music doesn’t have such services.

However, the users often ask questions about which service would be the best. So, let’s try to answer your query by throwing in some key information about each of these platforms.


Spotify is the best platform that offers cross-compatibility and has a podcast feature.  If you want to stream the best quality songs, Spotify is the best platform. It also has the ad-supported free version. Spotify has many benefits for the users who want to listen to different types of songs according to the categories. The Spotify application can be installed on different devices including Apple and Android smartphones, Windows 10 computers and game consoles. You get the facility of the robust podcast and have the exclusive subscription facility with Spotify.  

The streaming quality also plays an important role. Spotify’s streaming quality is automatic, it adjusts automatically as per the strength and type of the connection. The audio streaming takes place using the open-source Ogg Vorbis codec at the speed of up to 320kbps. Spotify free account streams at 160 kbps.

Apple Music

Apple Music is also a popular music streaming service that you need to subscribe to. You can combine or merge two songs with Apple Music provided you own them. 

If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can use Siri to play anything you want to hear from the Apple Music catalog or your music library. It can also search songs using lyrics and add them to your music library.

Now, for playback, the Siri users have better voice control. In Spotify, you have no facility to merge the songs. In the Apple Music application, you also get the “radio” option, and it works according to your listening mood. You will get more features in Apple Music from time to time.

In Apple Music, streaming happens at 256 kbps utilizing the AAC audio format that is more glitch free when compared to the other open-source options. It has a default setting of streaming the music at the highest quality, but you can control this by changing the settings. Apple also has a search by lyrics option, which is missing in Spotify.

The latest update:

In the latest update, Apple has announced lossless spatial audio support that is an amazing feature. On the other side with the Spotify streaming platform, you can get the facility of the podcast with a monthly subscription. You can see the smart music player which is offered for car owners.

Both applications have the same monthly subscription price. In Apple Music, you don’t get the ads, you only get to listen to pure music. The free trial of Apple Music can be taken for three months, and for Spotify, it is also three months of free trial. The streaming quality is also good with Apple Music, and you get 70 million songs with Spotify. On the other side, with Apple Music, you have the facility of 75 million songs. But Spotify gives you better voice control with Alexa, Amazon’s Echo or Apple Siri, but that is not the case with Apple Music.  


Here, we have discussed both Spotify and Apple Music. Most of their features are similar and according to the listeners’ requirements. So, the music streaming application/service you choose entirely depends on which one you like, the podcast or direct music in your library.

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