Staples Mission Statement Analysis

staples mission statement

Staples Inc. is one of the leading operators of office supplies and other related products. The company was established by former rivals Leo Kahn and Thomas G. Stemberg. The company started its first outlet in 1986; and by 1996, it became a Fortune 500 company. The company has made working simpler by offering them work solutions in the face of industry-leading services, products, and expertise. 

Staples Mission Statement

Staples mission statement is “By expanding our product assortment and making shopping and saving easier than ever, we’re helping customers make more happen every day. And it’s our mission to make more happen for associates, local communities, and even the planet — through programs, policies, and the values we live by.

The company website further says that they provide “Worklife Solutions For All. We Inspire What Could Be, And Help Make It A Reality.”

These statements highlight that Staple Inc. aim is to provide a variety of superior quality products to customers at lower prices and help them focus on the work more rather than procuring office supplies and related products. Making shopping easy via direct sales and e-commerce is another objective, apart from keeping their customers satisfied. Apart from a broad selection of office supplies, the company provides a full range of services like print and marketing services, furniture design and installation services, and managed print services. 

Further, Staples mission goes beyond profitability. The company also values local communities, associates, and the planet and wants to work for them, which is a great approach for any company to achieve and sustain success. As mentioned on Staples website, they have “A shared passion for teamwork, innovation & community.”

Staples Vision

The company’s website does not mention any explicit Staples vision statement. However, it does state under Corporate Responsibility that “At Staples, we take an approach to business that recognizes the close connection between our success and our desire to make a positive impact on our customers, associates, communities, and the planet. It’s what we call “Staples Soul.”

They carry their work with utmost responsibility and integrity. The company conducts business worldwide as a remarkable employer, neighbor, and corporate citizen. Every program of Staples is based on the fair treatment of talented and diverse associates. 

The company also wants to become the world’s leading single-source for office supplies for millions of corporates. And if we delve deep, it won’t be wrong to say that Staples has already achieved its vision as they are a market leader who is constantly innovating to meet customer requirements. 

Staples Core Values

Staples core values play a key role in bringing the company’s vision to reality. They believe in a caring attitude, respect, and working together as a team. The company is committed to being a “good corporate citizen” and bringing about a positive impact on its customers, partners, and the planet. The key values the company believes and follows are:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Staples wants to build a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion and embraces the diversity of race, gender, thought, and experience. 
  • Environment: They encourage sustainable products and services, environmentally efficient processes to save the environment.
  • Community: The company works for the community through Staples Foundation® and other practices.
  • Ethics: The company follows its Code of Ethics and corporate governance procedures. They even expect their suppliers to follow their Supplier Code of Conduct.


Staples mission and vision are to create a positive impact on the customers while becoming the world leader. Its core values have played an integral role in defining the growth of the company. The company believes in collaborating, sharing, and focusing on customer-first to achieve its goal. 

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