GUIDE on Survey to Get $500 Hannaford Gift Card

On a monthly basis, Hannaford Brothers Company gives away five rewards to its customers who complete the survey. These surveys are to help them improve on the quality of groceries and other products they sell.

Every month, five survey takers get to win, each a $500 Hannaford gift card. After completing the survey, a random drawing is done to determine the winners. Each of the five Hannaford gift card receivers gets notifications about their winnings via email, mobile phone, or mail within two business days after drawing.

By going through the information provided, you will know how to participate and win these prizes. Customer Survey Details & Requirements

First, there is basic knowledge that all such reviews have. Below is a table that shows you all that. Use the table as a quick reference point in case of any lack of information. The table features;

Purchase Required?Yes
TypeHannaford Brothers Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program
Prize$500 Hannaford Gift Card
Entry MethodOnline method, via mail 
Entry LimitFive entries per person per month 
LocationThe United States only 
Receipt Valid For5 days from the date of purchase 

Survey Requirements

Just like any survey, client feedback survey is only done by clients who meet specific requirements. This is done to ensure that the feedback is as accurate as it can be. To participate, ensure that:

  • You have a P.C., tablet, laptop, or smartphone that has a reliable and robust internet connection.
  • All participants should be 18 years and above to be eligible to win the $500 Hannaford gift card.
  • There are two language options that are English and Spanish languages; be conversant with one.
  • There are two ways to participate; through the online process or via mail.
  • You need to own a recent and valid Hannaford receipt for those who opt for the online approach. This is because it contains an invitation to the survey.

Survey Restrictions

After participants are eligible to conduct the survey, the second step is to formulate policies that ensure that the process runs smoothly. Therefore, Hannaford Brothers Company has some restrictions that every survey taker needs to observe to win. They include;

  • The purchase receipt acquired from the stores is valid within five days of purchase. Use it between this period.
  • This survey gives five entries per person, per month. There are a total of 5 entry periods.
  • Employees, their close family members, and those associated with the company’s management are not to take part in the survey.
  • Each purchase receipt gives you one entry into the draw.
  • The prizes won are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.
  • Residents of the U.S. only do this survey.

How to Take the Customer Survey

Taking part in the Hannaford client feedback survey is straightforward; there is a step by step guide below.

The steps to follow are different depending on the approach you take to provide survey answers. There are two approaches you can take; the online process or via mail.

For online survey;

Step 1.

Visit the website page.

Step 2.

Read all the rules and privacy policies to understand the survey better.

Step 3.

Click continue

Step 4. 

The next stage is to enter the pin on the receipt. The pin is to identify each survey taker as a unique participant.


Step 5. 

Then answer the survey questions. This process takes less than 5 minutes if you follow the simple guidelines provided.

Step 6.

After that, you choose if you want to enter the sweepstakes or not. 

Step 7. 

If yes, you provide your contact details to help them reach out easily when you win. If you do not want to enter the sweepstakes, close your web browser.

The second approach is via mailing services. To use it; 

Step 1. 

Handwrite on a 3″×5″ card your name, city, address, including zip code, your age, and phone number.

Step 2. 

Send the card to the address; Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 456 Newark, New York 14513.

Step 3.

Wait for a response.

Each of the approaches above gives you one entry into the sweepstakes, and they have the same odds of winning.

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About Hannaford Brothers Company 

The Hannaford Brothers Company is a retail grocery store that started in 1883 and has its headquarters in Scarborough, Maine. Its founder is Arthur Hannaford.

Apart from groceries, the store also makes bakery, dairy, floral, deli, snacks, frozen foods, pharmacy, meat, and seafood and sushi products.

The company values customer satisfaction, so they have a customer service desk to help anyone with queries about the survey. To contact them, use the number 800 213 9040. You can also reach out through their social media platforms or their official website page.


There is no better time to take the Hannaford survey. Imagine being five of the lucky winners who get the $500 gift card. This will be a significant boost the next time you visit their stores. It is a win-win situation for all.

If that still does not convince you to take the customer survey, how about this; by giving your honest feedback, Hannaford can improve their services and offer a suitable shopping environment for their quality products.

The survey only takes a few minutes. Why not do it today?

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