Target Dress Code: All Your Questions Answered

Target Dress Code: All Your Questions Answered

Target is one of the leading retailers in the United States, and it’s no surprise that Target employees are held to a certain dress code. There’s a great chance you’ve already heard about famous red Target t-shirts, but there’s much more to Target’s dress code than just the red-colored shirts. In this blog post, we’ll cover Target’s dress code so you know what to wear if you’re considering Target employment or if you’ve already been hired. 

What Is Target’s Dress Code?

Target has specific guidelines to ensure that team members look professional and represent Target’s brand well. That’s why employees must adhere to the Target Look. This includes wearing an appropriate red t-shirt and khaki bottoms. In addition, target allows a range of styles, such as polo shirts and collared button-ups, so you have a great choice of clothing to ensure you look your best. 

If you’re worried about Target’s dress code being too limiting, then don’t worry – Target encourages employees to express their individuality in any way they see fit, be it through accessories, tattoos, or hair color. So, as long as your clothes look neat and clean and adhere to Target’s dress code guidelines, you’ll have no issues. 

Does Target Give Its Employees Uniforms?

Since Target’s dress code doesn’t feature any branded uniforms, Target’s team members are the ones responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own clothing. That means more freedom of choice when it comes to clothes for work. 

Can Target Employees Wear Any Red Shirt to Work?

As long as their shirt is solid red and has no logos or designs, Target employees are allowed to wear any type of red shirt they like. So, it’s a yes to plain red t-shirts, polo shirts, blouses, collared button-ups, and other solid red tops. 

The only exception is too revealing, see-through, or tight clothes. As for flannels, Target stores may allow them as part of Target’s dress code, but it’s not a given. In any case, it’s always best to check with the store manager before wearing one. 

Can Target Employees Wear Hoodies to Work?

Target’s dress code doesn’t explicitly prohibit wearing hoodies to work, so as long as you wear a solid red color hoodie without logos, you should be fine. However, individual Target stores may have their own variations on Target’s dress code, so if you’re unsure, it’s best to check with your store manager. 

Can Target Employees Wear Jeans to Work?

For a long time, Target did not allow employees to wear jeans at work, but Target has since relaxed its dress code. So, Target team members can now wear jeans as part of Target’s dress code as long as they are dark blue or black, fit properly around the waist and legs, and have no visible rips or tears. 

Are Target Employees Allowed to Wear Ripped Jeans to Work?

Because Target’s dress code doesn’t allow any visible rips or tears, Target employees can’t wear ripped jeans to work. Ripped jeans are seen as too casual and could look unprofessional, so if Target employees want to wear jeans, they must stick to non-ripped pairs. 

Are Target Employees Allowed to Wear Leggings to Work?

Leggings are seen as too casual, so Target employees can’t wear them to work. The only exception is if leggings are worn under a skirt or dress that reaches the knee. Therefore, Target employees should stick to pants, khakis, chinos, or denim for Target workwear. 

Can Target Employees Wear Shorts to Work?

During summer, Target may allow employees to wear shorts as part of Target’s dress code, but it’s not a given. It all depends on Target store policy, so Target employees should check with the store manager before wearing shorts to work. 

What Is Target’s Policy on Footwear?

Target’s policy on footwear doesn’t differ much from other stores. Target requires employees to wear closed-toe shoes in colors that match the Target Look and are comfortable and appropriate for the job. So, closed-toe shoes, such as sneakers, tennis shoes, and boots, are all great options.

Open-toe shoes, on the other hand, are not allowed. This is because of potential health and safety risks. Therefore, breathable shoes, such as crocs, sandals, and flip-flops, should be avoided. 

What Is Target’s Policy on Hats?

It actually depends on the Target store. Target does not have a policy forbidding hats, but Target stores may choose to restrict them to maintain a neat and professional look. If Target employees want to wear hats while working, they should check with their store manager first. 

What Is Target’s Policy on Tattoos?

Target is actually very accepting of tattoos. It’s not uncommon to find Target employees with tattoos. So, as long as tattoos are not offensive or inappropriate, Target employees are welcome to show them off. 

What Is Target’s Policy on Piercings?

Target’s dress code is quite relaxed, and it allows Target employees to wear piercings. So, employees are welcome to wear piercings as long as they don’t obstruct their vision or interfere with Target’s operations. 

What Is Target’s Policy on Jewelry?

Since some positions may require Target employees to handle products or move heavy items, Target encourages its team members to avoid long dangling jewelry. This is done to provide Target employees with a safe working environment. So, it’s better to stick to small earrings and watches when dressing for work at Target. 

Can Target Employees Have Colored Hair?

As was mentioned before, Target is quite accepting of its employees’ style. Target doesn’t have a strict policy on hair color, and Target employees can dye their hair any color they want. So, Target employees are welcome to go wild with their hair color. 

Can Target Employees Have Facial Hair?

Depending on the position, Target employees may or may not be allowed to have facial hair. For example, Target may require employees working with food to keep a clean-shaven look or at least keep their facial hair neatly trimmed. Otherwise, Target employees are free to groom their facial hair as they please. 

Can Target Employees Wear Nail Polish?

Yes, Target employees can wear nail polish as part of Target’s dress code. In addition, Target doesn’t have any restrictions on the color or type of nail polish. So, Target employees are welcome to make their nails pop with bright colors or subtle nude shades. 

What If You Don’t Follow the Target’s Dress Code?

Although Target’s dress code is pretty relaxed and flexible, Target employees are expected to follow it. At first, Target employees will be given verbal warnings if they don’t follow Target’s dress code. However, Target may also take disciplinary action against employees who continually fail to follow Target’s dress code. So, as long as Target employees follow Target’s dress code, they won’t have any problems. 


Target’s dress code is quite relaxed, and it allows Target employees to express their style. Target encourages its employees to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. The only requirement Target has is that Target employees should stick to the color scheme, which is red and khaki. There are lots of variations allowed, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that fits Target’s dress code. 

If you’re curious about dress codes in other popular stores, check out our blog posts on Chick-Fil-A’s dress code and Walmart’s dress code. These posts might give you a better idea of what Target’s dress code looks like in comparison. 

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