Target Return Policy Without A Receipt (Updated 2024)

Target Return Policy

If you have made a purchase from Target and you are not satisfied with the item, you may be wondering what your options are. Is Target accepting returns? Can you return to Target without a receipt? What is Target’s return policy without a receipt? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about returning items to Target without a receipt. Continue reading for more details!

Target Return Policy Without Receipt

The Target return policy without a receipt is that you can return most items within 90 days for a refund or exchange. However, there are some restrictions. For example, electronics and digital items can only be given back within 30 days. If you do not have a receipt, Target may be able to look up your purchase in their system using your credit card, Target REDcard, or Target gift card.

Continue reading to get more information about Target’s return policy, how much time you have to give your item back, what refunds you’ll get, etc.

Returning Items Without a Receipt at Target

If you don’t have a Target receipt, you can still return most items by bringing them to the store with you. Target will try to find your purchase in their system if you have paid via the next payment methods:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Personal check
  • Target gift card
  • Target RedCard
  • Target Debit Card
  • Target Visa Card

Make sure to bring your government-issued ID to verify your identity.

Time Limit for Returning Items without a Receipt at Target

In general, you have up to 90 days to return an item to Target without a receipt. However, there are some exceptions for certain items. For example, electronics and digital items can only be returned within 30 days.

Target’s Non-Returnable Items List

There are some items that Target does not accept returns for refund. These items include:

  • Gift cards
  • Open media (music, movies, games, etc.)
  • Opened airbeds
  • Opened collectibles

Returning Alcohol to Target

You can return alcohol to Target. However, there are some legal restrictions. For example, some states do not permit the return of alcohol.

Alternative Options for Returning Items to Target without a Receipt

You can only return up to $150 worth of items without receipts within a one-year period.

In case you reach the $150 limit for a given tax year, you cannot make any additional returns without a receipt until the following tax year has ended.

What Else Can I Use to Return Items to Target Without a Receipt?

Additionally, you can bring your packing slip or return barcode instead of a receipt for returns at Target.

But remember to bring your payment method as well because Target employees might still need your information from their system.

Advantages of Being a Target RedCard Member

Target RedCard members are entitled to an extension of up to 30 days for any base Target return period. For example, if you’re eligible for a 30-Day Return Policy, then you can extend the return window by up to 60 days.

Returning Discounted or Clearance Items to Target

You can return clearance items to Target. But you’ll get the discounted price you paid when you buy the product.

Returning Target Items By Mail

If you want to return Target items by mail, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select ‘Orders’.
  3. Find the item you want to return and select ‘Return or Replace Items’.
  4. Select ‘Return by Mail’ and follow the prompts.
  5. Once your return is processed, you’ll receive a refund for your original form of payment.

What to Do if a Return Is Denied by Target

If your return is denied, you can try to talk to a manager. If that doesn’t work, you can call Target Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680. You can also reach out to Target on social media.

On the other hand, most decisions tend to be final, and most managers usually support the decision of their staff.

If you’re going to fight the Target hierarchy, you might as well just sell the item yourself.


Target’s return policy is pretty lenient, especially if you have a receipt. You can generally return items within 90 days, and there are some exceptions for certain items. However, there are some limitations on returns without a receipt. Additionally, you can return items by mail if you want. If your return is denied, you can try to talk to a manager or reach out to Target Guest Services. Most decisions are final, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Happy shopping!

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