What Are the Shopping Hours for Seniors at Target

Target is a retail store that has its headquarter in Minnesota. Target Corporation is America’s eighth-largest retailer. The company was primarily established in 1962. However, it started expanding in the 1980s; and in the 1990s, it started new brands and stores. 

In the lockdown and vulnerable situations, Target changes its store policies. They started the senior hours for the citizens of the country where they can shop the demand items at a particular time without being a part of the huge crowd. Older adults and individuals with low immunity are more susceptible to COVID infection, and with its COVID policies, Target is ensuring better customer service. 

In such a situation as the COVID-19 pandemic, they mandated everyone to wear a mask. As per the rules, everyone who is not fully vaccinated needed to wear a mask. However, do check for the latest on their mask rule on their website

What Are Target Senior Hours? 

senior hours at target

Most of the Target stores close at 10 PM. However, the stores have started the Target senior shopping hours option in the pandemic situation affecting the entire world. Keeping safety and disinfection in mind, they set the time for seniors to shop at the store on the first hour of every Tuesday. Every Tuesday, the shops are only available for the senior citizens from 7 to 8 AM or from 8 to 9 AM. However, the timing depends on the location of the stores. 

From 2020, the stores were open from 7 AM to 9 PM or 10 PM. However, they extended the duration of the opening. On holidays, the time is extended from 9 PM or 10 PM to midnight. The holiday season means Christmas and New Year. This is just to make sure that everyone gets everything they want for the holidays. And, if you think that the senior hours at Target are not applicable during the holiday seasons, you are utterly wrong. 

Even in the situation of such a rush, Target is maintained the senior hours. According to Target’s chief store officer, they try to make it as easy as possible for the customers. As per them, vaccination is the best way possible to fight such a situation. 

Why Target Senior Hours? 

does target have senior hours

The company has introduced the mask policy, and they continue with the Target senior shopping hours, especially after the rising number of cases of COVID-19. The reason behind this is that the seniors are especially sensitive and vulnerable to the issue.

Apart from the senior hours, they have also started contactless payment options, free order pickups, and drive-ups as well. The reason is to maintain the new COVID-19 trends. These inspire the guests to have an easy and contactless transaction procedure. They monitor the entire situation and adjust and manage the shopping procedures according to that. Some rules they want people to follow are:

  • You can drop off the shopping plan if you feel sick;
  • Now, it is always better to shop alone;
  • Drive-up could be a convenient option;
  • You can opt from Target.com as well.

Target FAQs 

  • Does Target have senior hours?

Yes. The Target senior citizen hours are the first hour on Tuesdays. However, you can find out the details of the exact timings from the store nearest to you. 

  • What is the mask policy of Target? 

It is that everyone needs to wear the mask while in the store. 

  • Do their team members wear masks all the time? 

Wearing a mask is mandatory for anyone who is not fully vaccinated, be it a team member or be it a guest. 

  • Do the mask policy is still on? 

No, they are not continuing with the mask policy. 

  • What are the special hours or senior citizen days at Target?

The special hours for seniors are 7-8 AM or 8-9 AM every Tuesday morning, depending on the store’s location.

  • What is the stores’ holiday extension? 

Target has started extending its opening hours from 7 AM to midnight. 

  • What are the dates of the time extended? 

The time extension was applied from the 5th of December to the 23rd of December. However, this year they are trying to make it possible as early as possible to make sure their guests can do whatever they need for the holiday season. 


If you love shopping at Target, you do not have to stop, no matter what your age is. We all know that people above 60 are more vulnerable to coronavirus. Therefore, you can take full advantage of Target senior hours during coronavirus. The option is available even in the holiday seasons! Happy shopping!


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