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Are you one of the happy customers of the prestigious Abercrombie & Fitch? Would you love to give them a thumbs up for their incredible services? On the flip side, do you have any complaints and would like to let the company know?  

If any of those catches your fancy? Good news! Abercrombie & Fitch is happy to hear from you! The near-luxury lifestyle brand is inviting its shoppers to take part in a customer satisfaction survey at The simple client feedback survey by Abercrombie & Fitch will reward participants with a $10 off $50 Coupon.   

This customer satisfaction survey is priceless to Abercrombie & Fitch. The company is looking to improve on its services. Genuine feedback from its shoppers will help them achieve that and serve you better in the future. This guide includes all you need to know about the feedback survey sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch. Do well to take the survey and stand a chance to walk away with a $10 off $50 Coupon for your next visit to any of the stores. Read on to learn more.  Customer Survey Details & Requirements

Purchase Required?Yes
TypeCustomer Satisfaction Survey
Prize$10 off $50 Coupon
Entry MethodOnline at 
Entry LimitOne entry per receipt 
LocationThe United States
Receipt Valid For7 days

Survey Requirements

 Shoppers who meet the following requirements are eligible to take part in the client feedback survey by Abercrombie & Fitch.  

  • You’ll have to visit to take the survey.  
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States of America.  
  • You must make a purchase to participate in the survey.  
  • You’ll need a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with an internet connection.  
  • A basic understanding of either Spanish or English language.  
  • You must be 18 years of age or above at the time of taking the feedback survey.  

Survey Restrictions

  • There is no substitute for the reward. 
  • You cannot redeem your coupon after 30 days.  
  • The validity of the receipt is within seven days after you made your last purchase.  
  • Survey entry is limited to one customer per receipt per visit.  
  • Employees of Abercrombie & Fitch cannot take this customer feedback survey. 

How to Take the Customer Survey

Suppose you satisfy all the requirements mentioned above. In that case, you are eligible to take part in the Abercrombie & Fitch customer satisfaction survey at Take the steps below to complete the survey.

Step 1.

 Log on to to get started.

The feedback survey is available in English or Spanish. Choose your preferred language in the options provided. Click the “NEXT” button to proceed.  

Step 2.

Next, Enter the Survey Code printed on your valid purchase receipt. Click the “SUBMIT” button to continue.   

Step 3

Enter the valid store number, register and transaction number, and the date you visited the A&F store. Click the “SUBMIT” button to continue.

Step 4 

Here, you rate your overall fulfillment level ranging from extremely dissatisfied to extremely satisfied.   

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  • Next, give genuine answers to the questions that follow. The answers should be related to your recent visit.   
  • The questions are usually about your request, client administration, settings, staff attitude, store environment, etc.

Once you answer each question, click on the “NEXT” to continue or “BACK” to go to the previous screen.   

Step 5  

Here is the final step. You’ll be asked your opinion on what the company can improve on to make your next visit a better one. 

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About Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is an American casual wear retailer having its headquarters in New Albany, Ohio. David T. Abercrombie founded the company in 1892 as an outfitter for elite outdoor activities. In 1900, a wealthy lawyer —Ezra Fitch, joined the company by acquiring a considerable interest in the firm. And, in 1907, Fitch bought Abercrombie’s share of the company and became the principal owner.     

Before it transitioned into clothing, Abercrombie & Fitch was a leading outfitter of sporting and excursion items. The company was mainly known for its top-of-the-shelf shotguns, tents, rods, and fishing boats. The most famous people in its long list of top-shot patrons included Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, The Marquess of Camarasa, and Ernest Hemingway.  

Lower price competition saw the company dropped in sales and began to struggle financially. Abercrombie & Fitch filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1976.   

Two years later, Jake Oshman bought Abercrombie & Fitch’s name and mailing list and relaunched as a mail-order retailer. The new company focused on hunting wear and luxury goods.  

Abercrombie & Fitch became an apparel firm when Oshman sold its name and operations to a clothing-chain operator called The Limited. At first, the company focused on young-adult shoppers and made a name for running sexually-fused advertisements. In recent times, it has toned down on the practice to target both young and adult customers. It currently owns and operates three other offshoot brands, including Abercrombie Kids, Gilly Hicks, and Hollister Co. In total, there are 1049 stores to its name across all brands. Some of the A-list celebrities that have modeled for A&F include January Jones, Taylor Swift, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Scott Eastwood, and Ashton Kutcher. 


There you have it — everything you need to know about the client feedback survey brought to you by Abercrombie & Fitch. Suppose you are one of the eligible shoppers and have followed the steps above. In that case, you’ll be awarded a $10 of $50 coupon for your next shopping at any A&F store within the United States. This customer satisfaction survey allows you to rate your recent experience and share your views on how the company can serve you better. Completing the survey answers are simple and will only take a couple of minutes to complete.  

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