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To take part in this survey from Charley’s Philly Steak you have to purchase from any of the participating outlets. A receipt from the purchase is required to access the survey on the internet. You have to access the survey through using an internet-capable device with a stable internet connection.

On completion of the survey, you will receive a validation code that can be redeemed in 30 days. The validation code can be redeemed for free drinks. The survey is limited to one per entrant. It is only open to people who are legal residents of the United States of America.

The survey is only limited to persons over the age of 18. Customer Survey Details & Requirements

Purchase Required?Yes
PrizeFree Drinks
Entry MethodOnline
Entry LimitOne entry per person
Receipt Valid For30 days

Survey Requirements

  • A purchase made from a participating Charley’s restaurant
  • The Charley’s restaurant receipts with a survey code
  • A laptop, smartphone, or tablet that can access the internet
  • A stable, reliable internet access
  • Have several minutes required to complete Charley’s survey
  • Have a valid Email ID
  • Have a basic understanding of English or Spanish

Survey Restrictions

These are rules applying to Charley’s Philly Steak as outlined in the term and conditions. Below is a condensed summary of some restriction applying to it:

  • There is a need for purchase at any of the participating Charley’s Philly Steak
  • All participants have to be over the age of 18
  • The entrants have to be legal residents of the United States of America
  • Charley’s Company employees are not allowed to enter the survey
  • The prize cannot be transferred to another person
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for cash

How to Take the Customer Survey

Step 1.

Go to any participating Charley’s Philly Steaks and make a purchase. Make sure you get a receipt for the purchase. The receipt has important details needed to access the survey.

Step 2.

Use a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop to visit the official Charley’s Philly Steak at

Step 3.

On the homepage, you will see a prompt to enter the store number from your receipt. Enter the date, time, and type of visit. survey

Step 4.

This will begin a client feedback survey. Think about the experience you have in Charley’s establishments and their foods, then answer their questions.

Step 5.

Give the survey answers as honestly as possible. Rate your experience with your overall experience of the services and food.

Step 6.

On completing the survey, you will get a validation code that can be redeemed for free drinks. You will be prompted to enter some of your details such as name, phone number, and email address.

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About Charley’s Philly Steak

Charley’s Philly Steak, the American barbeque chain focussing on Philly Steaks has had several changes in its name, first known as Charley’s Steak and Charley’s Grilled Subs. It has its management and operations offices in Columbus, Ohio. The product proved to be successful in college students from Columbus University, where it still holds a branch.

It has then expanded to six hundred locations across American states and 19 other countries. The story behind the foundation of the company is inspiring. Charley Shin worked in his mother’s Asian cuisine inspired restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. In New York, Charley discovered Philly Cheesesteak. He soon convinced his mother to sell her restaurant, retire and invest all $ 48,000 from the sale to his restaurant at Ohio State University.

One of the major decisions he made was to orient grills towards the customers so that they see how their food is prepared. This would soon become a staple and trademark in every Charley’s Philly Steak all over the world.

Charley Shin has a long understanding of food and multicultural cuisines. His company Gosh Enterprises Inc. fully owns the Charley’s Philly Steaks but also Bibibop Asian Kitchen chain. This gives him exposure to the developments of food outside his own culture and understanding. This knowledge will translate well in his businesses.

Charley Shin’s experience with multicultural cuisines working in his mother’s restaurant that served Asian inspired foods. This allowed him to translate this versatility in Charley’s Philly Steak. This versatility helped him expand the chain across the United States and 19 other countries.


Charley Shin started Charley’s Philly Steak at the height of the popularity of food franchises. The success of the restaurant chain has a lot to do with the vision of its founder. Having decided to sell his mother’s restaurants and invested the money in his own, this shows his great dedication to the idea.

His visionary ideas are visible in doing grills oriented towards the customer so they can see their food being prepared. This would later become a trademark for all their restaurants and make them unique in a fairly competitive space.

Another way Charley’s Philly Cheesecake sets itself apart from its competition is ensuring their customers have the best experience as can be. They achieve this through customer feedback on what they like and did not with Charley’s services and products. The survey from is one avenue where they can collect first-hand feedback from customers. They can adapt quickly to the needs of the customer depending on the trends, allowing them to stay relevant. It also allows the establishment to ensure they have as good an experience as possible.

The customers feel like stakeholders to the institution as their feedback directly enhances their experiences and others. The establishment benefits from not only superior services and products but also greater customer loyalty.

Company Email: [email protected]

Company Phone Number:(614) 923-4700

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