The Mission Statement for HASC Health and Safety

The health and safety of the workforce are paramount. It is important for the people working on-site to follow safety protocol. So, to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, workers should undergo courses from working on heights training to asbestos removal courses and other certifications. The Health and Safety Council focuses on providing training and healthcare assistance to the businesses in the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond. It provides training and medical assistance to people on the ground. 

Mission Statement of HASC

The Mission statement of HASC is, “Building safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce.”

This mission statement clearly states that HASC is completely focused on workplace safety. The HASC is a 501©3 trade association that offers safety training to create a culture that focuses on safety and preserves people’s lives by training, educating, and equipping the workforce. Furthermore, with an extensive industry solution, the council facilitates and simplifies the training process. 

As a result, the employers are sure that the training is verifiable and consistent. Today, they serve around 3000 member companies and an extra of 12000 non-member companies, facilitating a wide array of integrated industry solutions. In short, HASC develops innovative solutions in skills development, training, occupational health, etc. 

In fact, since the Council’s inception in 1990, their sole purpose above all is the safety of workers. By enforcing safety as the core of every activity they follow, they are proud of how the workplaces and industrial communities have shaped themselves to ensure the safety of one and all. 

The mission statement also mentions HASC as an innovative leader, that means that it has taken the lead in the workplace safety direction. They do this by improving the integrity and quality of the workforce. Also, the Council is trying to create a comprehensive safe ecosystem to create and maintain a safety-focused environment. This will ensure that no personnel is harmed and lives are saved.

To attain its mission, HASC focuses on training the workforce and equipping them with the right safety gear and equipment. They offer training courses or occupational health services.

The council offers about one million units of training annually. They offer e-learning and instructor-led training solutions for safety and work efficiency. Skills development is another key aspect of their training. They even offer LEAD™ that is a program to build promising leaders. Some of their training programs are specifically designed for the petrochemical industry. The HASC is also an accredited NCCER and Pearson VUE assessment center. Their courses can be customized as per the needs of organizations. 

Being true to its mission, HSAC encourages its clients to have a healthy work environment where there is proper supervision, open communication, safety education, and safe working methods. 


Overall, the Health and Safety Council works closely with its clients to maintain a safe environment by providing the right training and education. They educate companies and employees to act responsibly, establish a safety process, and foster proactive culture. The main goal is zero injuries and illness.

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