Tik Tok Mission Statement Interpretation

Tik Tok, launched in 2016, is a Chinese company owned by Byte Dance that lets users shoot and share short video content from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Its video-sharing platform’s popularity grew with its operations outside China and on the Android and iOS platforms. Tik Tok was originally called Musical.ly, a platform that allowed users to create and share lip-sync videos.

Tik Tok has a presence in over 150 markets and is available in more than 75 languages. It was one of the most downloaded apps on the Apple Store during 2018 and 2019. Tik Tok has crossed more than 2 billion mobile downloads by October 2020, making it one of the most popular video-sharing apps in the world. It has been ranked as the third fastest-growing brand of 2020 by Morning Consult, a private data intelligence company.

The app has also seen its share of controversies and has been banned in a few countries.

Tik Tok has a clear mission to inspire and encourage creative people to spread joy through their TikTok videos. Owing to its unique concept, it became one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. Entertaining everyone through creativity is what TikTok is all about.

Tik Tok also talks about being a place where everyone can belong irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic levels. It also shares its vision of being a marketplace for ideas and a hub for creative content.

Besides being a creative platform, Tik Tok is foraying in the business domain. It had launched TikTokforBusiness profile in the app. With the users can share marketing content like upcoming events. The platform is all set to mature into an advertising platform.

Tiki Tok wants to achieve its mission and vision by ensuring everyone on its team follows its core values. These values have been put together to help people work and collaborate while they keep learning and growing.

Tik Tok Mission Statement

Tik Tok mission statement “To inspire creativity and bring joy” is in line with its role as one of the pioneers and leaders in the video-sharing space. At the same time, it aims to capture and present the creative side of the world and share moments in the form of fun videos. As a social media company that started many new trends in the video creation field, Tik Tok understands its responsibilities towards both its audience and content creators while also ensuring adherence to the local community guidelines.

From Tik Tok’s mission statement, we can decipher that its key focus is to:

Inspire creativity: Since content creation and sharing is the main focus-area and growth driver, Tik Tok wants its team, partners, and associates to help and inspire creators in creating the most engaging and shareable content. It wants to make this possible by offering innovative features to make creating good content easier and better.

Infuse the joy in the content creators and viewers: By creating and sharing content with high entertainment value, Tik Tok wants its creators to continue spreading happiness all around the globe so that others get inspired to join the Tik Tok movement too.

Tik Tok Vision Statement (Future Plans)

There is no standard Tik Tok Vision Statement. However, as a content creator platform, Tik Tok has always emphasized creating content that lures people and helps them explore and present their creative side. While doing so, the company now has bigger plans. It wants to expand its horizons in different zones like advertising, e-commerce, etc.

1.     One such move that Tik Tok had taken in 2020 was to collaborate with Shopify, thus allowing the merchants to create advertisements directly from their dashboard.

2.     As per Matty Lin, the managing director of Tik Tok, “this platform garners a lot of attention and has many users, the more will be the number of users, the more the marketers will be interested in it.” Hence, Tik Tok envisions venturing into the advertising domain. With the help of its creative videos and content, the seller can reach out to the maximum audience.

3.     To anchor its vision strongly, the company has already come up with its business profile, @Tiktokforbusiness.

4.     Besides, promoting uniqueness and innovative content creation has been the core reason for the success of Tik Tok. The company plans to expand further by exploring various means like social commerce, advertising, and even the plan to come up with an IPO is on the list of Tik Tok’s plans for the future.

Tik Tok Core Values

As with every professional organization, Tik Tok expects its employees and content creators to maintain a set of standards and values as per Tik Tok core values. Anything they create and share should not hurt the local community’s feelings, while at the same time keeping people entertained and happy through their creativity.  It also promotes diversity and inclusion.

It wants its team and content creators to set high quality and creativity benchmarks so that others can aspire to be like them. In a world where content is king, nothing less than the best will keep the audiences engaged and keep coming back.

At the same time, Tik Tok expects its team and creators to be in touch with ground realities and ensure they follow all local community guidelines.

Being open to new ideas and change is important for the successful growth of any business. To maintain a leadership position, it is important that the team is receptive to new thoughts and developing technologies.

Having said all this, it must also be mentioned that the company has often been surrounded by controversies related to Chinese influence, security and privacy risks, and user’s data misuse.


Tik Tok has come a long way from a company that started with remarkably simple origins to being an undisputed leader in the video creation and sharing social media market. It owes its astounding success to the freedom of creativity and expression it has promoted among its team and content creators in tune with Tik Tok Mission and Vision. With new developments and innovations being a part of its ethos, Tik Tok is well poised to lead the video-sharing space for many years to come.

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