TOMS Shoes Mission, Vision & Values

TOMS Shoes Mission Statement

Using Business to Improve Lives

TOMS Shoes Vision Statement

TOMS is a global footwear and lifestyle brand committed to helping humanity thrive. We, the people of TOMS, believe humanity thrives when there is:<br><br>Opportunity for All<br>We welcome and protect one another. Because we know our differences make us stronger.<br><br>Equality & Justice<br>We advocate for one another. To ensure that people of all races, religions, genders, abilities, and sexual orientations are treated as equals.<br><br>Environmental Responsibility<br>We work together to take care of our planet. This is the only home we have, so we must honor and protect it.<br><br>Citizenship in Action<br>We empower one another to be active global citizens. Because all change begins with a small group of committed people.

TOMS Shoes Values

  • Always remember our mission.
  • Always keep the consumer top of mind.
  • Serve and support others.
  • Always act with integrity.
  • Assume the best intentions of others.
  • Speak directly and respectfully.
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Share your expertise & leverage others’.
  • Be curious and seek to understand.
  • Take smart risks & learn from mistakes.
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TOMS Shoes Mission Statement History

TOMS Shoes mission statement remains unchanged through 2020 and 2021

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