Tractor Supply Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Tractor Supply Senior Discoun

Tractor Supply Company, headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, is one of America’s largest chains of retail stores selling numerous items. They are famously known for items like agricultural equipment, home improvement equipment, garden items and lawn maintenance products, pet & equine care products, pet and animal care products, and livestock care products.

The company after changing hands for a number of years finally began to see profits when they went back to their original trading items. The company specializes in selling agricultural and gardening equipment. It also sells tractor accessories and parts to farms that are in operation already. Founded by Charles Schmidt in 1938, it opened its first retail store in 1939.

Since then, the company has opened up many stores all over the country. They even have an outlet in Canada. Now, if you want to know the answer to the question “Is there a senior discount for Tractor Supply?”, we’ve got you covered. The answer is Yes! The company does offer a Tractor Supply discount for senior citizens so that they can buy products while enjoying huge savings.

What Is a Tractor Supply Senior Discount

Tractor Supply senior discount is an exciting discount offered to senior customers. The Tractor Supply senior discount age is 55 and above. But the Tractor Supply for senior citizens is a unique discount package that is not allotted for one single day in a month or year. It is a discount package of 10% on all items that they purchase from the company. Talking about  Tractor Supply senior discount days, you can make a purchase any time at the Tractor store. The discount will be given as long as the item of purchase is there in their stock. This discount is available on all items and at any time.

The company goes all out to help senior citizens make the best of discount codes and rewards programs. The 10% discount that they give on available items can be combined with clearance sale offers. But if the item of purchase is on sale, then the sales executive will judge to see whether the senior discount or the sale discount is higher. Whichever of the two discounts is higher, is given to the customer.

Why Tractor Supply discount for senior citizens

The company besides the company’s regular discount for seniors has more add-ons for them. They have four other ways that the seniors can benefit from.

Discount On Bulk Buying

This scheme itself has two more benefits. The discount is given on the bulk purchase of certain items like panels & equipment for livestock, supplements & feeds, fencing items, trucking & lubricating items, supplies for equines, and products for heating.

Once the discount for bulk purchases is over, there is another discount for them. They receive a 5% secondary cashback reward on the Tractor Supply Company credit card. What a huge gain for seniors from the company.

Status Of Tax Exemption

Another bonus for the senior citizens is when they can show their tax exemption ID proof. Make a customer account online with the ID and the information that you have. If you answer some of their questions, then you will be registered with the third-party website.

CSR Scheme

With incentives for oil recycling and batteries and employment for the seniors is another benefit for the seniors. 

Discount On Personal Credit Card

Your first transaction with your credit card in the company gives you a discount on the first purchase. The card opens up avenues for later schemes and bonuses. You also are eligible for interest-free financing on big purchases.

How To Get a Tractor Supply Senior Discount

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to get the senior discount:

  • Visit and log in to your account.
  • Select the item you require and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Apply the valid Promo Codes & Rewards (enter your Senior Promo code here) to get discounted price.
  • Proceed to Checkout and make payment.

Tractor Supply FAQs

Is there a price matching with Tractor Supply?

Yes, the company has a price matching scheme, but you need to give valid proof.

Is there a discount for senior citizens or military veterans?

Tractor Supply gives a 10% discount to seniors on any day on certain purchases and a 15% Military discount to military veterans on specified dates but with valid ID proof.

Are there any rewards programs at Tractor Supply?

Customers can take part in the Neighbours Club program. It gives Seasonal Rewards to loyal Tractor Supply customers on spending $150 in one season. They immediately get notified upon giving their email address for their eligibility to get a reward for the next season.

Is there free shipping at Tractor Supply?

If you have an order that is above $49, then you automatically qualify to get free delivery to your doorstep. But you are not eligible for big-sized items. If you want a speedy delivery then you must pay extra. They also free delivery to the local store, for which you need not have a minimum shopping amount.

What is Autoship and its benefits?

Autoship is a subscription to get normal deliveries on specific items for pets and animals. This will guarantee that you never go out of essentials for them. Here you get free delivery along with a discount of 5%.

What is the Return Policy of the company?

If you have already made a purchase but later do not want it, you can easily return it back to the company within 30 days to get a refund on the item. They even take back defective items.


Unlike the senior discount of many companies, Tractor Supply offers good discounts and schemes to its senior customers for their benefit. They even help them by giving employment as part of their CSR initiative. That is a fairly good policy of the company because at that age without any employment, they may face some difficulties but here they get relief.

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