What Mission Statement Should a Tutoring Service Have?

Every business has a mission statement that sets it apart from other companies and states specific goals and values of that business. A mission statement can give clear views and expectations to the stakeholders regarding the company. Even if you are planning to start a tutoring business, you are going to have a mission statement on your website. This will make your tutoring services look more reliable and professional. For example, if a student lives in Australia, and he or she wants help with their mathematical problems, they can easily find an expert maths tutor in Sydney with a credible website.  

However, many tutors are clueless about the mission statement for their tutoring business. There are a few factors you should consider before drafting a mission statement for your tutoring service. Read below!

Factors to Consider for a Tutoring Service Mission Statement   

Before taking anything else into account, you should follow the basics of a mission statement, as listed below.

Make sure to keep it short. A mission statement shouldn’t have long paras that stretch unnecessary long stories, instead, it should be short and up-to-point explaining the core values and goals of your tutoring business.

Make sure it’s realistic. No matter how ambitious you are to start your business, make sure the goals are accurate and attainable. Otherwise, you will be delivering unrealistic expectations to students and parents.

Be unique. It’s easy to copy another tutoring service’s mission statement, but this doesn’t add value to your business. Hence, come up with your own values and purposes that are important to you and draft a statement accordingly. However, if you want, you can take inspiration from your competitors’ mission statements.

Mission Statement for a Tutoring Service

When you know the basics of writing a mission statement for your tutoring business, you should only then be able to come up with what goals or values you want your business to have.

Knowing the basics as well as the goals clearly can help you write a clear and concise mission statement. Although goals vary from business to business, some of the goals your tutoring service’s mission statement can have are:

To Promote Independent Learning

You can state in the statement that you will implement such tutoring techniques that will encourage independent learning for the students. For instance, rather than solving math problems on behalf of them, you will be diagnosing the root problem and helping them become independent learners.

Deliver Personalized Classes

In order to make tutoring as effective as possible, your tutoring service will adapt different teaching techniques and strategies from student to student. Different students possess different skills, and it’s important to tutor them by utilizing their best resources.

Respect Individual Differences

It’s essential to make your tutoring business diverse, and this is possible if you respect every individual’s differences by respecting their culture or differences in verbal and non-verbal communication.

To Diagnose Students’ Academic Problems

Diagnosing your students’ academic problems and providing them with a feasible solution can also be one of your goals or values in the mission statement. Whatever problem a student comes up with, it’s the tutor’s job to evaluate the root cause and make long-term objectives to overcome them.

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