UCLA Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

UCLA mission statement is “the creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society.” It has the outlined components:

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improving societies

As an institution of higher learning, UCLA recognizes its importance in spreading of knowledge, skills, and awareness. It, therefore, uses different approaches to meet this need with some of them comprising its variety of courses targeting different fields and research. Provision of academic and research training leads to informed and skilled individuals to address challenges in society. UCLA also adds to this impact by instilling the spirit of volunteerism to preserve the environment within the communities among its graduates.


The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is the oldest institution of its kind in Southern part of the region having been incepted in 1919. Since then, the university has shown that it is determined to make a difference in the lives of its students and the communities it serves. This is what the mission and vision statements of the UCLA prioritizes. They also conform to the expectations of a corporate mission and vision statements.

For instance, the continued efforts to advance the education system demonstrates its commitment to a reputable future. On the other hand, UCLA highlights the specific changes that it looks to implement in various departments of the institution such as academics, research, and medical center. These agree with the availability of appropriate organizational strategies to fuel the overall growth and development of the institution. UCLA also has values to guide the operations of the facility, making it one of the most dynamic and progressive institutions in the U.S.

Vision Statement

UCLA is yet to publish its official vision statement. The organization shows that it remains optimistic and “relies on optimism” to drive its growth.

The statistics of this organization are proof that its optimistic nature has always led to fruition. For more than a century, UCLA has recorded steady growth with the institution pioneering the creation of more than 140 firms through its technology. It has also bagged 118 NCAA titles and many other achievements. These trends show that it is on track towards its ambitions.

Core Values

UCLA core values comprise “quality, respect, excellence, and committed.” The success associated with this institution has a direct correlation to these values.

They have enabled UCLA to stimulate a healthy and winning culture. It has also led to the creation of one of the most supportive campus environments where everyone can thrive.


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