Unlocking the Mystery of McDonald’s Fonts: Revealing the Design, Alternatives, and More

Unlocking the Mystery of McDonald's Fonts

When you think of McDonald’s, you probably picture golden arches and a bright red and yellow color scheme. But have you ever stopped to consider the typography used in their logos and branding? Let’s take a closer look.

Fonts Used in McDonald’s Logo

You may have noticed that the “M” in the McDonald’s logo looks different than the rest of the text. That’s because the “M” is actually protected as a logo and not a font. The closest font to the “M” in the logo is called McLawsuit. 

Created by Jesse Burgheimern in 2000, it bears a striking resemblance to the McDonald’s “M” logo. However, the font used for the rest of the logo, including the brand name, is Helvetica Black. 

McDonald’s Font Designer

Jesse Burgheimer, a talented web developer, designer, and graphic artist from San Francisco, California, was the creative mind behind the McLawsuit font. In the year 2000, Burgheimer crafted this font, drawing inspiration from the iconic McDonald’s logo. The font’s design mirrored the distinctive curves and structure of the “M,” aiming to capture the essence of the renowned brand.

However, it is important to note that the McLawsuit font was never endorsed or recognized as an official McDonald’s font. Upon discovering its existence, McDonald’s promptly issued a cease-and-desist letter to Burgheimer. This legal action resulted in the removal of the font and the associated webpage. 

Although no longer officially available, the McLawsuit font remains accessible on the internet, serving as a testament to the fascinating world of typographic exploration.

McDonald’s Font License

Since the McLawsuit font was created without the authorization of McDonald’s, it is not available for commercial use. As a result, any businesses or individuals hoping to use the font in their branding should look for an alternative. Fortunately, plenty of similar fonts are available that still embody the iconic McDonald’s style.

Alternative Fonts With a Similar Style to Mcdonald’s Font

If you’re looking to create a design that shares the same style as the McDonald’s font, there are several alternatives to choose from. Arial Font, Futura Font, Twentieth Century, and Speedee Font are all similar to Helvetica Black and offer a comparable aesthetic to the McDonald’s logo font.

Additionally, you can search forums or websites like Creative Market and Fontspring for fonts that are inspired by the McDonald’s font. These designs can help create a similar look without infringing upon McDonald’s intellectual property.

More About McDonald’s Fonts

Fonts play a crucial role in shaping a brand’s identity, and McDonald’s is no exception. The careful selection of fonts contributes to the overall brand experience and recognition. While the “M” font remains protected as part of the logo, McDonald’s utilizes other fonts in its branding efforts.

Beyond the logo, McDonald’s often employs the Helvetica Black font for its name. Helvetica Black is known for its bold and impactful appearance, making it an excellent choice to convey the brand’s strong presence. The clean lines and legibility of this font ensure that the McDonald’s name stands out prominently in various marketing materials.


While the golden arches remain a protected logo without an official font, the company name “McDonald’s” is represented with the bold and modern Helvetica Black typeface. This typographic choice has contributed to McDonald’s iconic brand identity and has become instantly recognizable across the globe.

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