US Army Mission Statement

It was in 1775 when the foundation stone of the US Army was laid. It was at this time when the entire American continent was fighting the civil war. Earlier it was known as Continental Army, whose main aim was to win against the civil war and free America from British rule. George Washington was the commander-in-chief throughout this war.

After they won the civil war, the Continental Army was disbanded and was formed into the modern-day US Army team by the Congress of the Confederation of independent US. The event took place on June 3, 1784, and was the first milestone of the US armed forces on land.

The US Army has its headquarters in Pentagon, Virginia. Over the years, the army has been divided into different groups and assigned tasks like border protection, calamity relief, ranger, etc. apart from fighting wars.

The US Army has followed a single mission of protecting its country and looking after the welfare of its people. Following this mission, the US Army is constantly serving the country and making the federation a safer and secure place for everyone. In addition, the armed land forces are also responsible for maintaining peace, both within the national borders and internationally.

In 2018, the US Government released its new vision statement that focuses on recruiting more soldiers in different regiments, both armed and civilian forces. In addition, they have planned to change the training methodologies and introduce new technologies like Virtual Reality for enhancing the effectiveness of the training. Most importantly, the US Army highlights that they want their people i.e. the soldiers, civilian force, and their families to lead a quality life while undertaking and enjoying their professional duties and responsibilities.

Also, the army follows seven core values that define their duties and responsibilities. With its commitment to Army Values and Warrior Ethos, the US Army is all set to accomplish its mission with confidence, guidance of great leaders, required resources, unrelenting focus, and dedicated efforts.

US Army Mission Statement

The US Army’s mission statement is “To deploy, fight, and win our Nation’s wars by providing ready, prompt, and sustained land dominance by Army forces across the full spectrum of conflict as part of the Joint Force.”

The US Army mission statement clearly outlines its capabilities of defeating any enemy. The nation focuses on preparing its armed forces to deal with any kind of tough situation, be it wars, internal aggression, or maintaining peace.

Following are the key messages which have been derived from the mission statement of the US Army.

Deployment of emergency armed force teams: One of the main missions of the US Army is to deploy the armed forces in any area of conflict where there is an emergency. Be it any form of political conflict, rallies, and violent crowds, or an international conflict, the US armed forces can be deployed at the earliest to mitigate the risks and pacify the violence as and when needed.

Fighting against both internal and external threats: While taking the oath, the army personnel pledge to protect their nation from internal and external threats. They are trained to promptly disband any riot group to avoid escalation of the situation to a violent level.

Keeping the army always ready and prompt: As laid down in the US Constitution, the head officials of the Pentagon are responsible to keep the armed forces ready for any sort of challenging and emergency situation. This includes smooth mobilization of the army to an emergency area to perform their tasks without delay.

Dealing with full-spectrum conflicts: Another major mission of the US Army is to provide training and encourage the armed personnel to deal with any kind of conflict, both violent and emerging ones. The mission statement highlights their aim to ensure that the army can win any war and declare their nation victorious.

Add-on missions: The US Army also focuses on missions like enforcing the law in high-risk areas, handling drug-related tasks, ground security, humanitarian missions like supplying food and building schools and hospitals, etc.

US Army Vision Statement

Considering the threats and potential risks, the US Army strongly believes that its vision statement clearly shows how they perceive themselves in the next few years. Their vision is an extension of the US Army mission statement. The US Army vision statement states,

“The army of 2028 will be ready to deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere, in a joint, multi-domain, high-intensity conflict, while simultaneously deterring others and maintaining its ability to conduct irregular warfare. The Army will do this through the employment of modern manned and unmanned ground combat vehicles, aircraft, sustainment systems, and weapons, coupled with robust combined arms formations and tactics based on a modern warfighting doctrine and centered on exceptional Leaders and Soldiers of unmatched lethality.”

This vision statement issued by the army focuses on creating a well-equipped and competent army by 2028 to win against any adversary.  The army envisions achieving this by recruiting new aspiring soldiers, using Virtual Technology and upgraded equipment units, and promptly deploying them on the battlefield.

From the vision statement of the US Army, the following are some of the messages that can be deciphered.

Preparation for conflicts with an increased level of violence and intensity: The US Army aims to prepare the recruits to face any conflict in the coming years that are expected to be more violent and highly intense. In one line, the army wants its personnel to be more vigilant and fearless in protecting their nation against the upcoming threats. The army has the vision to grow above 500,000 soldiers who will be a part of the National Guard and Army Reserve.

Preparing and training the army for the adversary: In addition to making soldiers more vigilant and fiercer, the US armed forces also offer training to survive even in the toughest conditions. They are trained to keep themselves alive in adverse conditions like high-intensity conflicts. They focus on training that is realistic, reiterative, and tough.

Modernizing the army: One of the main visions of the US Army, as per the vision statement, is to modernize the system by adopting technologies like AI, robotics, and developing autonomous systems. The focus is to make soldiers more effective and units logistically free. With modernization, the army wants to ensure quick and faster delivery of arms and equipment when they need it the most.

Develop leaders: The army wants to develop future leaders who can lead the army from the forefront. It wants to develop the skill where the army personnel is comfortable with a complex situation and find the strategic way out. The army wants to develop a new talent management system that leverages the skills, knowledge, and preferences of its personnel.

US Army Core Values

The seven core values of the US Army that they learn during the Basic Combat Training (BCT) are respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, integrity, and personal courage. The US Army also values its people to the core. In the words of General James C. Mcconville “Our people are the centerpiece of the Army.”  Let’s learn about US Army’s Core Values that define a true US soldier.

Loyalty- Have honest faith and commitment to the US Constitution, the unit, and fellow soldiers. They devote themselves to the army and support the leadership.

Duty- Completing all the obligations of a soldier, which is not just limited to the dedicated task. One has to accomplish the task as an individual and as a team.

Respect- Every U.S. Army personnel should treat individuals equally. The soldier pledge to treat others with respect and dignity.

Selfless service- An army personnel first think about the nation and then about themselves. As a part of the US Army, one puts the nation and their fellow mates first. The commitment of each team member to go beyond their effort and have a closer look at how they can contribute is a must.

Honor- Every US Army personnel lives up to the value of the army. The highest military award if The Medal Of Honor is given to the one who develops the habit of being honorable and adheres to values like loyalty, selfless service, duty, respect, and courage in every act.

Integrity- Doing the right is paramount. As army personnel, one has to adhere to moral principles. As a part of the US Army, one has to have higher standards of honor and integrity.

Courage- Besides facing a complex war situation, one also has to develop insurance to physical dress, and sometimes the army personnel has to put their safety at stake. The US Army encourages this by promoting the act of standing up for the right things.

The US Army exemplifies valor, integrity, and courage. As per their Warrior Ethos, every soldier puts his mission first and takes an oath to never accept defeat.

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