UC Davis Mission Statement Analysis

The University of California commenced in 1869 with just 38 students. Today it has nine campuses. One such campus is UC Davis, located in the City of Davis. UC Davis is one of the world’s top universities, established in 1908. 

UC Davis secured the 5th best public university ranking in the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education College Rankings. UC Davis mission and vision are to establish a university with diversity where advancement, dissemination, and application of knowledge are made available for all students from different segments. UC Davis is committed to providing leading academic programs, including research opportunities throughout the academic 

disciplines and professional studies.
UC Davis has different schools of studies, such as the School of Medicine, School of Education, Graduate School of Management, School of Law, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis Coastal and Marine Science Institute, and others. All they have different mission statements.

uc davis mission statement

UC Davis Mission Statement 

UC Davis School of Medicine’s Mission Statement is “To provide excellent learner-centered education to a diverse body of medical students and graduate students; cultivating in them the passion to improve lives and transform the health of the communities they will serve as physicians, scientists, and health care leaders.”

This mission statement clearly talks about the goal to impart an education that is focused on students and make them passionate about enhancing people’s health when they become health professionals. 

UC Davis Undergraduate Education Mission Statement says,Undergraduate Education advocates for diverse educational experiences that promote inclusive learning. Ultimately, we serve students by aligning resources with opportunities to foster curiosity, engaged citizenship, and academic success. We work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to achieve these goals.”

As per the above mission statement, UC Davis wants students to take advantage of various learning experiences offered by undergraduate programs and shine academically. It values experiences as they help students gain real-world, practical knowledge of the things they would need to handle when they step out into the world.

They also offer students the right infrastructure and opportunities that create a desire to learn. UC Davis also wants students to be active in community service. Everything in totality, from knowledge to experiences, will mean attaining relevant skills and competencies.

The mission statement also highlights that the UC Davis undergraduate school aims to follow an inclusive learning approach so that no student, irrespective of his culture or background, feels left out or ignored. Everyone from faculty, staff, and students work together to achieve the mission.

The Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute’s mission and goals are working towards cross-disciplinary research, assisting science-informed management, and providing training in coastal and marine science to face challenges.

As per UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ mission statement, they aim to solve problems related to agriculture, environment, and human sciences.

UC Davis Vision Statement

The UC Davis vision statement for Undergraduate Education is “Empowering Learners, Transforming Education … Together”.  

This vision statement is about equipping students with the knowledge, establishing a strong relationship between faculty and young scholars, and providing advanced knowledge-centric studies through creative research and scholarships. Knowledge can be applied to address the needs and requirements of the region, state, and nation. They believe in teamwork and say that “Together” faculty and students can take education to new pinnacles of success.  

UC Davis Core Values  

UC Davis Core values are inclusiveness, embracing cultural diversity, and following equity or fair treatment. The Department of Undergraduate Education’s core values are Community (nurturing and building community through good practices and beliefs), Exploration (encouraging curiosity and inquiry), Integrity, and Sustainable Growth.  


UC Davis mission and vision suggest that the university is directed towards giving students across the globe a wonderful opportunity to educate and empower themselves. It stands for making a better future by imparting knowledge through research-oriented studies. 

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