USPS Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

USPS mission statement is “to provide the nation with reliable, affordable, universal mail service.” The statement highlights the main duty of this agency. Its fulfillment shows that it:

  1. Improve lives
  2. Exceeds expectations

USPS has transformed the lives of individuals and businesses through its dependable services of handling and providing mailing solutions. The institution has grown and improved its systems by incorporating modern technologies to speed-up postage payments and facilitate real-time tracking of packages. Other than these transformations, USPS does much more than deliver mains – the company has been recognized for boosting advertisements as well as offering professional guidance about licensure and other mailing technicalities.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) primarily deals with the provision of postal services within the U.S. The independent agency has been in operation since 1971 both domestically and internationally. Its efficiency is an outcome of having a clear mission and vision statements to guide all the operations of the company. Corporate statements are often influential in a company as they bring specificity trough clarification of the main future targets and how to get there.

In this case of USPS, the vision statement emphasizes on the difference that the company makes in the success of the U.S as a nation. Its mission statement underscores the importance of creating worthwhile connections through its services. The capability of USPS to stay successful is due to the additional support it draws from its core values. They play a vital duty in the progress towards the mission and vision.

Vision Statement

USPS vision statement is that it is “committed to actions that promote sustainability – meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.” USPS echoes its sensitivity to environmental sustainability through this vision. It has two key parts:

  1. Promotion of sustainability
  2. Conscious of the future

All the practices at USPS comply with its environmental sustainability policy in a bid to prevent the destruction of nature while executing its duties. In fact, the social responsibility section of this agency asserts its commitment to initiatives that foster community spirit, while training people through worthwhile causes. Such programs, together with the mailing policies of this body confirms its ability to protect the future while maximizing the present.

Core Values

USPS core values include “trust and integrity.” The company states that these principles inform its standards of ethical conduct for everyone in the company.

The history of the company is proof of how crucial these values have been to its reputation as a local and international mailer.


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