Vanguard Mission Statement Analysis

Vanguard Mission Statement

Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment firms based out of The United States of America with its headquarter based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Vanguard has investors from many countries and various fields of life, and they provide mutual funds, ETF’s, advice on various investment options, and other services that are related to any form of investment. The company started its operation in 1975 on 1st May, and under the current management Vanguard, today has reached global assets of almost $7.2 trillion. 

This has been possible because Vanguard has made its mission to ensure that all its investors are successful. They believe that every person, either an individual investor or a corporate investor, or a representative of any institution, is all owner and not just the company’s investors. 

With more than 30 million investors from 170 countries, Vanguard envisions being a contributor to the local communities’ well-being and be an employer that will always stand for its employee’s welfare of levels of the organization. This has become possible for Vanguard because of the values instilled in them.

Let’s delve into Vanguard mission and vision statements along with core values in more detail.

Vanguard Mission Statement 

Vanguard mission statement is To take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success.

In tune with Vanguard mission statement, the company prioritizes its customers’ long-term requirements; they devise and bring about long-term, high-quality assets. Their goal is to deliver lucrative long-term returns, which demands a rigorous asset management strategy. They never take excessive risks with their investors’ money or jeopardize their integrity in the pursuit of short-term gain.

What attracts investors to Vanguard is their confidence in the company and in themselves that they are on the correct path that leads towards great investment performance. 

Furthermore, Vanguard continually decreases investment costs on a global scale. It’s not a short-term cost-cutting strategy; it’s how they do business. That’s how they got started, and there’s a tremendous desire to save costs. According to research, lower-cost investments exceed more cost-effective alternatives, implying that the lower the costs, the bigger the investment opportunities.

Vanguard’s technique provides value in addition to results. It provides dependability and stability, and above all, it serves consumers well. According to the firm, performance should provide consumers with long-term value. Vanguard’s magnitude, discipline, and track record have enthralled a group of highly competent investing experts worldwide that make it possible for every investor to succeed in some way or the other. 

The organization has created every investment product since it started business in 1975 to sustain its customers’ long-term requirements.

Vanguard Vision Statement 

The company has set clear aspirational goals:

• Improving representation of under-represented crew across all the levels of an organization.

• Improving inclusion for all crew.

At Vanguard, every thought and every voice counts. The company is trying to improve the experiences of women, Blacks, Asians, Hispanic/Latino, and LGBTQ communities, as well as military veterans through its network VetsConnect. Vanguard is committed to increasing the presence of minorities at all levels of the organization. 

Vanguard Core Values 

Vanguard core values are:

  • Integrity: The organization and its crew have channeled this simple sentence “Do the right thing” into making any decision or taking any action. They strictly adhere to this principle that Vanguard’s funds belong to its shareholders, and in turn, Vanguard belongs to its clients. The greatest ethical standards are maintained every day in the interests of the customers and hence themselves.
  • Focus: Vanguard as a global leader in investments maintains its focus on taking everyone along to ensure success for the clients, crew members, and the organization itself. Every member of the organization always provides undivided attention and guidance to the clients.
  • Stewardship: Vanguard believes that they are responsible for their clients’ investments and hence act prudently where minimal risk is involved. For this, they choose their investment partners with extreme caution and care.


Vanguard mission and vision set the company apart. They work with the mission to work for the interest of the investors.