Verizon All Circuits Are Busy: Causes + Possible Fixes

Verizon All Circuits Are Busy Causes + Possible Fixes

Have you ever tried to make a phone call with Verizon, only to hear an automated voice saying, “All circuits are busy”? If so, then you know the frustration that comes with this message. Luckily, this blog post has everything you need to know. It will explore this issue, why it happens, and how you can troubleshoot it. So, read on to find out how to get your Verizon service up and running again.

What Does It Mean When All Verizon Circuits Are Busy?

When Verizon’s circuits are busy, it can mean two things: either a problem with the Verizon Wireless network or an issue with the number you’re trying to reach. The exact cause of the issue depends on the call you tried to make. 

That being said, if you’ve been getting this message when calling one specific number, it’s most likely an issue with that particular service provider. This could be anything from a temporary technical issue to a line that’s out of service. This means there are no issues on Verizon’s end; you just need to try the call again later. 

On the other hand, if this message appears when trying to dial any Verizon number, then the issue is more likely with Verizon’s network. Several factors, including temporary outages in your area, high call volumes, or an overloaded Verizon network, could cause this. In that case, your best bet is to contact Verizon customer service for assistance. 

How to Fix Verizon’s “All Circuits Are Busy” Issue?

If you’re experiencing Verizon’s “All circuits are busy” message, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get back up and running: 

Try Calling Other Numbers

You first need to find out if the issue is Verizon-related or specific to the number you’re calling. To check this, try dialing a few different Verizon numbers and see if the message appears. 

If the message appears for all Verizon numbers, then there’s likely an issue with Verizon’s network. If that’s the case, follow the next tips to fix the issue.

However, if it only appears when dialing one specific number, then there’s an issue with that particular number. In that case, you can only wait until the issue is resolved on their end.

Check Verizon’s Network Status

If the message appears when calling all Verizon numbers, you should check Verizon’s network status. 

Disruptions in Verizon’s service can cause this issue, so it’s important to confirm if Verizon is experiencing any outages in your area. Verizon will usually post alerts on its website if there are known network issues. If that’s the case, you might need to wait until Verizon resolves the issue.

Check If You’re Calling During Peak Hours

If Verizon’s network looks normal, then try to check if you’re calling during peak hours. Verizon’s network can be overloaded with calls, and there might be no line available for you. In that case, try to call again later or in the morning when Verizon’s network is less busy. 

Check for Power Outages 

If Verizon’s network seems fine, then the issue might be caused by a power outage in your area. Inclement weather or a downed power line could be causing an outage in Verizon’s network. If this is the case, Verizon may not be able to fix it until the power comes back on.

Check Your Coverage

Another reason for the issue might be poor coverage in your area. If the signal is weak, Verizon may not be able to connect your call. In that case, you can try moving locations or using a Verizon signal booster for stronger coverage.

Restart Your Verizon Device 

If Verizon’s network still looks okay, and there are no power outages in your area, then the issue may be with your Verizon device. Try restarting your Verizon phone and see if that helps resolve the problem. Restarting usually helps eliminate any glitches or bugs that might prevent your Verizon device from connecting properly. 

Activate and Deactivate the Airplane Mode

Another way to restart your connection is the airplane mode trick. When you activate this mode, all your Verizon connections are shut off. Then you can deactivate the airplane mode and try to make the call again. This method helps reset your Verizon connection and may help resolve the issue. 

Re-Insert and Inspect Your SIM Card

If the issue persists, then try to take out and inspect your Verizon SIM card. Your Verizon SIM card could be damaged or simply inserted improperly into the device. If you notice a trace of damage on your SIM card, this might be the reason you’re experiencing problems with Verizon.

If everything seems in order, try re-inserting your Verizon SIM card and see if that fixes the problem. In some cases, simply re-inserting the Verizon SIM card is enough to resolve the issue. 

Use a Different Device 

Lastly, if none of the previous solutions have worked, then try using a different Verizon device. If you can make calls from this other Verizon with your SIM card, then it’s likely that the issue is with your Verizon device and not Verizon’s network. In that case, you may need to replace your Verizon device to resolve the issue. 

Contact Verizon 

If all of the above tips don’t solve the problem, it’s best to contact Verizon customer service. Verizon can give you further assistance on how to fix the “all circuits are busy” issue and provide the most recent updates on Verizon’s network. You can simply dial *611 to contact Verizon technical support. Alternatively, you can always reach Verizon via their website.


Depending on the reason behind Verizon’s “all circuits are busy” error, Verizon may suggest different solutions. The most popular cause of the issues seems to be Verizon’s network overload or poor coverage in your area. If that’s the case, your best bet is to try calling later or in the morning when Verizon’s network is less busy. 

However, sometimes this issue has nothing to do with Verizon’s network but with the service provider of the number you’re trying to reach. That said, if you’re experiencing the issue with one specific number, it is caused by the service provider of that number. In that case, you can only wait until they fix the issue.

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