Verizon First Responder Discount Requirements and Details

Verizon First Responder Discount Requirements and Details

Verizon’s mission statement is “We deliver the digital world’s promises to our customers. We make their innovative lifestyles possible.” 

Verizon Communications is an American wireless network operator with approximately 142.8 million subscribers. Formed on June 30, 2000, the company started operating as Verizon Communications, a distinct division under the name of Verizon Wireless. Soon it took over the wireless technology and communications market and became one of the world’s leading providers of communications and wireless technology services. 

In 2019 in a venture of reorganization, Verizon stopped the use of the Verizon Wireless name. It shifted all its wireless services and products under the patent name of Verizon Consumer and Verizon Business. The company operations are controlled from its primary headquarters in New York City, with a worldwide presence of services.  With a vivid range of services and solutions offered like video, data, and voice, Verizon has added innovation with advanced technology in every sphere of reliable network connectivity, mobility, control, and security. In the year 2021 itself, Verizon generated revenues of $133.6 billion. 

To give back to society, Verizon has special discounts for the first responders, which lets them use the services of Verizon at discounted rates

Why Should You Ask for Verizon First Responder Discount?

Connectivity is a necessity and being in a reliable network is all you need when you need to stay connected with a social network through telephone or wireless networks. Verizon, in that respect, is a reliable network offering a stable and national 4G LTE network covering trusted and used by 99% of the U.S. population. 

Since Verizon Wireless offers sustainable and advanced mobile phone services over a variety of devices, it’s worthy of fetching the Verizon First Responder Discount in 2022. Adhering to Verizon products and services means connecting with the most reliable network in the US. Verizon has not only showcased success within urban areas but also with its 4G LTE in Rural America Program. With Verizon First Responder Discount, you can avail a 25% discount on accessories purchased online and 10% for in-store purchases.

How Much Is the First Responder Discount At Verizon?

Verizon offers discounts on its mobile products and services to the retired, volunteers, and active first responders. With the exclusive 25% off declared on a selective range of accessories for all online purchases through My Verizon account, you can save high. The Verizon First Responder off also includes a 10% discount for in-store purchases of accessories. A first responder can also receive a special discount on Verizon Fios services on verifying eligibility.

Who Can Take Advantage of Verizon First Responder Discount?

Verizon first responder discount is dedicated and designed for all active, retired, and volunteer first responders in the following fields:

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • A nurse (LPN, LVN, NP, or RN) or respiratory therapist
  • Local Police
  • Sheriff
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • A military member, veteran, cadet, or Gold Star family member.
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • State Trooper
  • Family of Killed in Action (KIA) First Responders like children and spouses within the immediate family
  • Federal First Responders have not entitled to a Verizon discount for first responders.

How To Get Verizon First Responder Discount?

Verizon offers a discount for first responders. Here are the details:

Using their My Verizon account and ordering online, all first responders can save 25% off accessories. For in-store shoppers, the discount for first responders is 10%. Besides, you can also save on your Verizon Wireless monthly phone bill. However, the discount amount will vary with the number of lines you are using. By the way, the Verizon customer satisfaction survey is also a great chance to cut your monthly expenses.

The Verizon Plan on which you can avail of the Verizon First Responder Discount:

  • Unlimited Plans (Basically 5G Unlimited Plans since most older plans are not in service anymore)
  •  All Verizon plans that rate higher than $34.99 per month

Step 1

You will have to verify your eligibility at, which is partnered with Verizon, to avail of the first responder discount from Verizon. Follow the simple steps to get your discount coupon:

  • Go to their First Responders page.
  • Now select “Verify Your Eligibility,” which will take you to sign-in page.
  • Sign in to your account or if you are a new user, create an account

Visit the First Responders Discount page.

Step 2

  • Scroll down the page and find the button “Verify”. Click to proceed with your first responder eligibility verification process.
  • You will get to the Discounts by Verizon Wireless page if you qualify through the verification process.
  • Choose the steps mentioned, like Existing Customers or New to Verizon, then follow the prompts to avail your discount.

Step 3

Once you have your discount code, you can either shop online at the Verizon site or visit the stores. However, the discount percentage will differ accordingly for in-store and online purchases.

Similar Companies That Do Offer First-Responder Discounts

Other stores that offer first responder discounts include T-Mobile, which offers extensive First Responder off on their cell phones up to $55 per month, which counts as 50% off family lines. Even AT&T users can avail of the first responder dedicated discounts for single-use lines and family packs.

Verizon FAQs

Does Verizon Offer First Responder Discounts?

Yes, Verizon offers an exclusive First Responder Discount in October.

Does Verizon Fios Offer a First Responder Discount?

Yes, Verizon Fios also offers a first responder discount, redeeming which you can save a huge amount on your monthly home and television network/entertainment bills. Verizon Fios discount helps you save as much as $5 and $15 per month on your home television/broadband services.

Which Documents Do You Need to Verify Eligibility for the First Responder Discount at Verizon?

To verify your eligibility as a first responder to redeem Verizon First Responder Discount, you need to provide the following documents at

  • Pay stub
  • Volunteer ID and statement of volunteer service
  • Pension stub (if retired)
  • A signed affidavit issued by First Responder Agency listing KIA status (for First Responder KIA family members)


Verizon competitors too offer various discounts and even first responder discounts. Companies like T-Mobile or AT&T offer a varied range of discounts for first responders. However, if you are a consumer of the largest 5G network of 2022, you can also enjoy the explicit advantage of a 25% discount on accessories for online shopping at the Verizon site with the Verizon First Responder Discount and up to 10% discount for in-store purchases.


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