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If you enjoy hip-hop, WorldStar Hip Hop is a popular location, and you must know about it. As part of hip-hop culture, it has garnered huge popularity. It was damaged by hacker attacks shortly after its introduction, and there was significant debate regarding its contents, yet it was nevertheless chosen the “best hip-hop and urban culture website” by BET for three years in a row. You may believe that this is the final source of hip-hop information. However, there are plenty of additional sites like WorldStar.

What is WorldStar Hip Hop (WSHH)?

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It is a well-known user-generated video blog. The majority of folks that are involved in hip-hop culture are familiar with this name. It is a unique platform that aggregates content like music videos, rap music, and video blogs.   

Musicians who wish to create their own compositions can also use this website. Any hip-hop lover can post songs to WorldStar HipHop, but it will cost you money. In fact, uploading your video to the website costs roughly $800.

The Best 8 Worldstarhiphop Alternatives

websites like worldstar hip hop

You can choose this one-stop destination for hip-hop music. If you’re a fan of gossip, check out this Worldstarhiphop alternative. The website’s material is primarily focused on lifestyle and news from the hip-hop culture. Many prominent publications, including CNN, The Source, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, and others, have shared the site’s material. Compared to another WorldStar Hip Hop alternative, this has a high level of information dependability, including popular rap artists, exclusive interviews, etc.

This website skyrocketed to fame once it began to post incredibly funny stuff in the form of videos. If you are a lover of hip-hop culture, you should certainly check out this website. Check out the funny videos and upcoming releases like people slipping and falling, or baby lisping, and you will enjoy their rich content. Though the site might be a little messy at times, this is easily overlooked given the fantastic material it delivers. This website has provided tough competition to sites like WorldStar.

This is also a website like WSHH. Now, you might want to go somewhere that balances both the types of serious urban news features and the humorous hip-hop culture. BooBooTV’s website is undeniably your destination. It is known for its amusing hip-hop content and lifestyle-related material. It features everyday life videos of various musicians, as well as interviews with both emerging and established hip-hop artists. 

The content over here is not videos as in websites like WorldStar Hip Hop. When you visit this site, you will mostly scan and enjoy the materials in the form of blog posts. It only provides information in the form of textual material. The content consists of reviews and opinions about hip-hop culture, performances, and musicians. The site was created primarily to increase the awareness of Shady Records Label.

This is a very useful WorldStarHip Hop alternative. It will always keep you up to date with the most recent information. The website provides all the necessary information for a die-hard hip-hop lover, ranging from fresh albums to forthcoming releases. It has developed a new foundation for hip hop by promoting both emerging and veteran musicians, providing everyone equal visibility. It also has clarity of sound and is thoroughly enjoyable.

This is also one of the alternatives to websites like WorldStar Hip Hop. It posts reviews, opinions, and live video streaming. It sometimes just keeps you up to date on the release dates of the albums, where users register either as artists or as fans.  Another well-known feature of this website is that they keep a monthly and weekly chart of the artists of the hip-hop industry to demonstrate how they are performing presently or depending on their popularity. You, too, can contribute by leaving reviews for the entire community to read. Prominent TV stations such as VH1 and MTV have supported the site. Users are allowed to download or listen to the mixtapes of their choice from this destination.

The website’s goal is to give unfiltered footage from the hip-hop business, ranging from fights to terrible acts. You will never be bored if you use this page because it is updated on a regular basis. All the industry’s hot unedited gossip may be found here. It is a great choice as a Worldstarhiphop alternative.

This Worldstarhiphop alternative should not be overlooked while discussing hip-hop material. It offers just too much stuff, from gossip to discussions, that you will discover it absolutely here. The website keeps users up to date on the mixtape’s current state 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The website leans toward the informational rather than the funny. You get to know about singles, videos, editorials, and the new releases in the latest news.


If you consider the informative source of hip-hop culture, WorldStar is a show-stealer. It keeps you engaged and hooked for a long time. If you want to know about the finest growing demands of popular urban hip-hop culture and industry, then you can surely go through this amazing website. WorldStar is unquestionably fantastic, but you should also consider the alternatives. If you enjoy hip-hop, you will never be bored with any of the websites listed above. There are different websites that offer a faster user and follower experience where people get to know about the latest news and developments in the field of hip-hop.

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