What Are 711 Rewards? (Your Comprehensive Guide)

What Are 711 Rewards

It seems like every store has its own loyalty program these days. After all, customers love getting rewarded for their loyalty. 7-Eleven is no different, and they offer a special reward program for regular customers called 7Rewards. But what does it entail, and how do you use it? Those are the questions this guide will answer. So, keep reading to learn more!

What Are 711 Rewards?

7Rewards is a loyalty program offered by 7-Eleven for their customers. You can join the program for free and start earning reward points for every qualifying purchase you make at 7-Eleven. You can then redeem these points for free items, discounts, special offers, and more. Essentially, the more you spend at 7-Eleven, the more rewards you can earn.

The program is designed to reward regular customers who come into the store often, so you can expect plenty of benefits throughout your time in the program. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about special offers, promotions, and other exciting news from 7-Eleven.

How Do 7Rewards Work?

7Rewards is a pretty straightforward program. 

When you download the 7-Eleven app (or sign up online), you gain access to the 7Rewards program. You can then start earning and redeeming points. Every dollar you spend on an eligible item earns you about 10 points. Some promotions can give you more than this, though. 

When you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for rewards like free items, such as free drinks and snacks. To do so, open the 7-Eleven mobile app, navigate to the rewards section, and browse the available options. Once you’ve found something you like, tap “Redeem” and confirm the action. Points will be deducted from your points balance, and you’ll be eligible for a reward.

When in-store, just take the selected item to the counter. Then, to get the discount, show the cashier your 7Rewards barcode (found within the app) or enter your phone number associated with your 7Rewards account.

Do 7Rewards Points Expire?

Yes, 7Rewards points do expire. Specifically, they expire after 90 days of inactivity. What this means is that if you don’t earn or redeem points within that period, your current points balance will be lost. 

However, this is quite easy to prevent. All you need to do is visit your local 7-Eleven at least once in 90 days and make a qualifying purchase, thus resetting the expiration date.

Do 7Rewards Rewards Expire?

Yes. Once you select a reward from the app, you have 30 days to redeem it in-store. So, make sure to use your rewards before they expire, as expired rewards cannot be recovered.

Plus, be careful when selecting rewards. Rewards are only eligible for redemption once, so make sure it’s something you really want before clicking “Redeem.”

How Do You Get a Free Slurpee with 7Rewards?

As a 7Rewards member, you can get a free Slurpee during 7-Eleven’s birthday month, which is July. 

That said, starting 11 July, you will see a coupon for a free Slurpee in your app’s “Rewards” section. You can redeem this coupon the same way you would any other 7Rewards reward. This offer is active all month long and gives you a chance to enjoy a free Slurpee. 

On top of that, 7-Eleven offers great discounts on their items, such as pizza, the first few days of their birthday month, so be sure to take advantage of that.

What Are the Restrictions?

Like other rewards programs, 7Rewards has some restrictions. 

For starters, you don’t earn any reward points on purchases made with My Rewards or any other discounts. This means that if you pay for something at a discounted price, you won’t earn points for that transaction. 

Also, some items are not eligible for points and rewards. For example, you cannot earn points when purchasing fuel, lottery tickets or prepaid cards. Age-restricted items like cigarettes and alcohol are also excluded from the program.

Finally, 7-Eleven reserves the right to modify or cancel the 7Rewards program at any time. So, make sure to check their terms and conditions for more details. 


In conclusion, 7Rewards is a great way to get rewarded for your loyalty as a 7-Eleven customer. You can get free items and discounts on certain products when you take advantage of this program. As long as you stay active, you can keep earning rewards. So, consider signing up for 7Rewards and start taking advantage of their rewards and promotions now!

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