What Does “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” Mean? (Tracking Status Explained)

What Does “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” Mean

Waiting for a package from Amazon can be exciting, but it’s never fun to encounter the dreaded message “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit.” So, what does it mean, and how long till you receive your package? We’ll answer all these questions in this blog post. So, keep reading to find out more!

What Does “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” Mean?

This tracking status means Amazon has shipped the package, but there is a delay in its delivery. This could be due to an unexpected transit issue, such as bad weather, a mechanical problem with the delivery vehicle, or an issue with the carrier. 

When such an issue happens, you receive a notification when Amazon is aware of the delay and estimated delivery date. In doing so, Amazon is actively trying to address the issue and get your package to you.

Why Do Amazon Packages Get Delayed in Transit?

Delays are frustrating but sometimes unavoidable. Amazon packages can be delayed in transit due to a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Bad weather, such as snow and rainstorms, which prevent Amazon from delivering packages 
  • Unforeseen issues with the delivery vehicle or carrier 
  • Delays in customs if the package is being shipped internationally 
  • Amazon’s workload, which can cause delays for orders during peak periods 

How Long Does Amazon Package Delay in Transit Take?

Amazon will usually provide an estimated delivery date if your Amazon package gets delayed in transit. Depending on the cause of the delay, Amazon packages will usually take a few extra days to be delivered. Generally speaking, though, delay issues take no longer than a day or two to fix. 

That said, Amazon can only provide an estimated delivery date, so it’s possible for delays to linger if Amazon is unable to resolve the problem quickly. 

Therefore, you can contact Amazon for a refund if you still haven’t received your Amazon package and it’s been more than one day past the estimated delivery date.

Does Amazon Have a Delivery Guarantee?

Amazon does offer a delivery guarantee on select products. When this feature is available, you will see it on the checkout page, along with the associated delivery date and cost. Plus, you will see the final delivery date in your order confirmation email. 

If Amazon fails to deliver your package by that agreed-upon date, Amazon will refund any shipping fees you paid for that order. But keep in mind that Amazon’s delivery guarantee only applies to select products, so it’s not available on all Amazon orders.

How Can I Track My Amazon Package?

The good news is Amazon makes it easy to track your Amazon package. You can access all the details about your Amazon shipment by simply logging into Amazon.com and clicking on “Your Orders” at the top of the page. 

Once there, find the order you’re interested in and click on it. There you will see all the details about your Amazon package, including the tracking status. Depending  on the Amazon tracking status, you may see the package has been “Ordered,” “Shipped,” “Out for Delivery,” or “Delivered.” 

So, if “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” shows up as the Amazon tracking status, search for the  Amazon notification with an estimated delivery date. 

How Can I Contact Amazon About My Package Being Delayed in Transit?

Amazon recommends waiting at least 48 hours before contacting Amazon Customer Support, as Amazon needs time to investigate the delay. 

If it’s been more than 48 hours and you still haven’t received your Amazon package, you can contact Amazon’s customer support to find out more about the delay issue. When reaching out, ensure you have your Amazon order number to help speed up the process. 

Can I Get a Refund If My Amazon Package Is Delayed in Transit?

Amazon does offer refunds on delayed Amazon orders. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that you will be refunded the cost of your Amazon order. Instead, you can either get a refund on the shipping costs or a courtesy credit if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

That said, if the product you ordered falls under Amazon’s delivery guarantee, Amazon will offer you a refund on the shipping costs if they fail to deliver your package by the agreed-upon date. However, if there is no such mention on Amazon’s website, you won’t be able to receive a refund on the shipping fees.

As a Prime member, you can receive a courtesy credit that you can use on Amazon if your Amazon package is delayed in transit. Since it’s Amazon that provides courtesy credits, this policy applies only to orders placed on Amazon.com. 

Who Should I Contact If My Amazon Package Is Delayed in Transit in the UK?

If your Amazon Package is Delayed in Transit in the UK, you can first contact the carrier responsible for delivering your Amazon package. Since there’s no Amazon Logistics in the UK, Amazon partners with various delivery service partners to deliver Amazon orders. 

That said, if you know which carrier Amazon used to deliver your Amazon package, you can contact them directly. If you don’t know which courier Amazon partnered up with, you can contact Amazon UK customer service via the website. They will be able to provide you with all the information about the carrier Amazon used for your Amazon package. 

How Can I Track My Amazon Package in the UK?

Like Amazon’s U.S. website, Amazon also provides tracking details on Amazon’s UK website. 

When you go to Amazon’s UK homepage, hover over “Accounts & Lists” to find the drop-down menu. Then select “Your Orders” from the list to view all the orders you made on Amazon UK. 

Once there, find the Amazon order you are interested in and click on it. There Amazon will provide all the tracking details about your Amazon shipment, including the Amazon tracking status.


It’s only natural to feel frustrated when you see the status “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit.” Thankfully, this tracking status doesn’t stay the same for too long. You can expect your package to arrive in a day or two. If that’s not the case, you might get a refund for the shipping fees. So, keep an eye on Amazon’s tracking status and contact Amazon Customer Support if you need any help. 

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