What Does “Shipped” Mean on Amazon? (Everything You Need to Know)

What Does “Shipped” Mean on Amazon

If you’ve ever ordered something from Amazon, you may have noticed that the order says it has been “shipped.” But what does that actually mean? Is your order on its way to you? Or is it still sitting in a warehouse somewhere? This article will explain what shipped means on Amazon and what you can expect once your order has been marked as shipped.

What Does “Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

When you see that your order has been marked as “shipped” on Amazon, this means that your order has been processed and is now in the hands of a shipping carrier, or it’s on its way to them. 

However, remember that your package must arrive at the local distribution center for sorting before the delivery driver can pick it up. That might take some time, depending on the distance of the warehouse from your location.

So, the “shipped” delivery status does not necessarily mean that your order is on its way to your home. It simply means that Amazon has fulfilled its part of the order and is now in the hands of a shipper.

What Does “Shipped with Amazon” Mean?

Sometimes, when you order something on Amazon, the delivery status will show that your order has been “shipped with Amazon.” This means that Amazon will handle the entire shipping process, from packing and labeling your order to delivering it. This is done by Amazon’s own Logistics service called Amazon Logistics.

Amazon Logistics is the last-mile delivery service owned by Amazon. Last-mile delivery services are those that provide the final delivery from the distribution center or warehouse to your home. Amazon Logistics delivers packages directly to customers using its own delivery network, and it also partners with local delivery services to reach customers in more remote areas.

However, Amazon does not solely rely on Amazon Logistics to deliver orders. Instead, this service is mostly supposed to assist other shipping companies, such as FedEx and UPS

You also may notice that your Amazon order says it was shipped by “AMZL_US” rather than the typical “Shipped with Amazon.” It is essentially the same thing. However, it’s important to remember that Amazon Logistics is not accessible everywhere, so you may not see the “shipped with Amazon” status on your order. 

What Does the “Shipped with 4PX” Status Mean on Amazon?

If you order something on Amazon and the delivery status says “Shipped with 4PX,” it means that your package was shipped to the Amazon warehouse by a third-party carrier called 4PX. 

4PX is a logistics and parcel delivery company based in China with expanded operations to other countries. 4PX mostly works with sellers based in Europe and Asia who wish to do cross-border operations but don’t have access to Amazon’s warehouses or fulfillment centers located in their countries. 

In other words, if your Amazon order says it was shipped with 4PX, the item you purchased was likely manufactured in China and then sent straight to you from the manufacturer by the seller.

What Does the “Delayed Not Yet Shipped” Status Mean on Amazon?

If your order’s status reads “delayed, not yet shipped,” it means that an error has occurred, and Amazon cannot deliver your package within the estimated delivery time.

If you see this status, don’t worry! There might be a technical issue that is causing the delay in your order’s update, but it doesn’t mean your package won’t arrive on time. For example, your order might not have been updated in Amazon’s systems yet, but it is moving forward as planned.

Unfortunately, there might be cases where your purchase takes longer to ship than the website says. For example, this sometimes happens when you order an item that is out of stock, but the website hasn’t updated the availability yet. So, during this delay time, the company is likely working hard to get the product for you as soon as possible.

Additionally, the delayed status could be due to outside factors putting a damper on the process, like weather conditions or supplier issues.

In any case, if you notice your order is delayed or has not yet been shipped after a few days, reach out to Amazon customer service. They can help you find out what is causing the delay in your order and provide more details about when it will arrive.

What Does “Shipped with Other” Mean on Amazon?

The “Shipped with Other” delivery status simply means that your order was shipped in the same package as another order. For example, when you order multiple items from Amazon at the same time, Amazon often packages them together to make delivery easier.

Additionally, if you’re buying multiple things and one of them is sensitive (i.e., something you wouldn’t want people to know you bought), certain vendors will ship your purchases together so whoever receives the package won’t see what’s inside.

However, the “Shipped with Other” option might not be available for some items, such as Book Boxes.

What Does “Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

If an order’s status reads “not yet shipped,” this simply means that Amazon hasn’t shipped the item yet. In other words, Amazon has received the product either at the warehouse or fulfillment center, but it hasn’t been sent out for delivery yet.

The most common cause for this status is either a slow workflow at the facility or human error in failing to update the system.

The “Not Yet Shipped” status on Amazon usually suggests that your order hasn’t been packaged or logged yet, but there shouldn’t be any significant delays. And this is where the main difference lies between the “delayed” and  “not yet shipped” status orders on Amazon. 

The “delayed” status usually means that Amazon cannot meet the estimated delivery date, whereas the “not yet shipped” usually suggests that the order hasn’t been processed yet, but it’s still enrolled in the workflow.

How to Track an Order on Amazon?

Amazon provides an easy way to track your order’s progress. To do this, simply login to your Amazon account, go to “Your Orders,” and then select the order you want to track. Then, click ‘See all updates’ to view delivery updates.

Alternatively, you can use the Amazon tracking website. Just enter your tracking ID number, and the tracking information will be displayed. You’ll be able to view where your order is, when it’s expected to arrive, and how many days are left until delivery.

Bottom Line

So, what does “shipped” mean on Amazon? It’s quite simple. This status indicates that your order has been handed off to a shipping carrier or is en route to them. That doesn’t mean, however, that your order is already on its way to you. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t get your order right away. The logistics of delivery can take some time.

So, if you’re expecting a delivery, make sure to track it using the Amazon tracking website. That way, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with your order’s progress. 

Hopefully, you now better understand what “shipped” means on Amazon. Thank you for reading!

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