What Is Microsoft OneDrive? (The Ultimate Guide)

What Is Microsoft OneDrive

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of files. Photos, music, videos, and documents take up a lot of space, and if you don’t have a good storage solution in place, your computer can quickly become cluttered. That’s where Microsoft OneDrive comes in. 

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution that lets you store all your files in one place so you can access them from anywhere. In this blog post, we will answer all the questions you may have about Microsoft OneDrive, like what it is, what its features are, how much it costs, and more!

What Is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution that lets you store, access, and share all your important files in one place. It’s integrated into the Microsoft Office suite of products (Microsoft 365), so you can easily share your documents, photos, and other files with others. You can even access your files from anywhere, on any device. So, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can access what you need.

What Features Does Microsoft OneDrive Offer?

OneDrive offers a variety of features to make the storage and sharing of your files easier. Some of the features include:


Since OneDrive is cloud-based, your files are always backed up and secured. This means that you won’t have to worry about data loss due to hardware failure or other unforeseen circumstances.

Files Restoration

If you accidentally delete a file, OneDrive makes it easy to restore it. You can simply go to your OneDrive account and restore the file with just a few clicks. Beyond everyday usage, you can rely on it to quickly and effectively recover from any unexpected event, such as unintentional mass deletion, file corruption, ransomware, or something else.

Sync Across Multiple Devices

OneDrive automatically syncs all your files across multiple devices. This means that you can easily access what you need, no matter what device you’re using.

Offline Files

With OneDrive, you can access your files even when you’re not connected to the internet. This makes it easy to work on a file while you’re offline and then sync it up once you’re back online.

File Sharing

OneDrive makes it easy to share your files with others. You can generate a link that you can send to anyone, and they’ll be able to access what you’ve shared. You can also control what type of access they have, such as view-only or editable.

Expandable storage

OneDrive offers expandable storage, so you can store as much data as you need. You can start with what’s included in your Microsoft 365 subscription and then add more storage when you need it.

Personal Vault

OneDrive also offers a secure personal vault where you can store your most sensitive files. This is great for storing passwords, financial documents, and other confidential information that you don’t want to be easily accessible.

Document Scanning

If you need to scan a document, you can use the built-in scanner in the OneDrive app. This allows you to quickly and easily scan documents and store them in your OneDrive account.

Automatic Photo Uploads

OneDrive also makes it easy to quickly upload all your photos from your phone or camera. You can set up automatic photo uploads to your OneDrive account to make sure all your photos are backed up and secure in the cloud. 

Is Microsoft OneDrive Free?

Microsoft OneDrive is included in the Microsoft 365 subscription, so if you are already a subscriber, you will be able to access what’s included for free. 

If you’re not a subscriber, you can still use OneDrive services completely free of charge by signing up for the OneDrive Basic plan. It includes 5 GB of storage and is completely free.

However, if you want to add more space, you must upgrade to one of the paid plans, which offers more storage and additional features. 

To check out all the available plans and what is included in each one, you can visit Microsoft’s OneDrive pricing and plans page.

How to Set up Microsoft OneDrive?

Setting up and using OneDrive is easy. All you need to do is download the app on your device and sign in with your Microsoft account.

If you’re using Windows 10, OneDrive is most likely already installed on your device and ready to use. You can find it in your list of apps or search for it in the Start menu. Alternatively, you can look for it on the taskbar. The app has a white cloud icon, so you should be able to spot it quickly. 

If you can’t seem to find it, you can download it from the Microsoft Store or on the Microsoft website.

Once you’ve installed the app, all you need to do is sign in with your Microsoft account. After that, you can start uploading, sharing, and backing up your files. You can upload files from multiple devices and access them from anywhere. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your files.

What Are the Benefits of Using Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive has several benefits that make it a great option for storing and accessing your files. Here are some of the main benefits.

Free Storage

One of the most notable benefits of OneDrive is that it offers free storage. You can sign up for a basic account and get 5 GB of storage for free.

Reliable and Available 24/7

For over five years, OneDrive has been a dependable source that operates around the clock. With Microsoft’s failover system, your files will always be safe – if one server crashes or is unavailable, a backup of OneDrive kicks in automatically. This feature guarantees that your OneDrive backups are always up and running, regardless of any server issues or glitches. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing your data is backed up safely at all times!

Flexible Sharing

OneDrive also guarantees the secure sharing of files and documents, allowing you to share what you want with whom you want. You can easily control the level of access given to other people, customize what can be seen and edited, as well as revoke access at any time.

Moreover, administrators can set a specified time frame when the document is accessible, and once that timeframe has expired, access to the document will be locked again. This allows you to retain control over what is shared and what remains private.

Easy File Accessibility

OneDrive enables quick and easy access to all your files from multiple devices. You can access the same data from any device with an internet connection, and you can also sync your files with different devices. This makes it easy to work on the go and collaborate from anywhere.

Efficient Document Management

With OneDrive, collaborating on documents is a breeze! No more worrying about multiple versions of the same document – OneDrive ensures that any changes to the document are automatically synced and indicated with edits, so you never have to worry about getting lost in all your work. This feature helps make sure everyone is working from the most up-to-date version of the file.

What Can You Use Microsoft OneDrive For?

Microsoft OneDrive is a great storage solution for both personal and business use. It offers a generous amount of free storage, reliable access at all times, and efficient document management. 

For those interested in using OneDrive services for business purposes, Microsoft has a separate page with available plans. There, you can learn more about what Microsoft OneDrive offers for business, including what apps, features, and plans are available. 

Do You Actually Need Microsoft OneDrive?

Whether Microsoft OneDrive is right for you depends on what your storage needs are. If you’re looking for a reliable way to store files, documents, photos, and more, then Microsoft OneDrive is definitely worth considering. Its free storage option makes it an ideal choice for those on a budget, and its easy-to-use interface allows for quick access to your files.

However, if you’re looking for a storage solution that offers more than what Microsoft OneDrive can provide, there are other options available. Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud are just a few of the other cloud storage solutions that may better suit your needs.

No matter what you need to store, it’s important to research what your options are and what will work best for you. 


So, what is Microsoft OneDrive? It’s a reliable, easy-to-use cloud storage solution that offers free storage, secure file sharing, and efficient document management. Whether you’re looking for a personal or business storage solution, OneDrive is definitely worth checking out. However, if what you need isn’t what OneDrive can offer, there are plenty of other options to consider.  Take the time to research what’s available and what suits your storage needs best.  With all the options available, you’re guaranteed to find what works for you! 

Thank you for reading!

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