GUIDE on Survey to Get Free Whataburger with the Purchase of Medium Drinks and Fries

To participate in the customer survey, you have to purchase at any of the participating Whataburger outlets. Make sure you keep the receipt after purchasing as it will be required to access the survey.

Only online applications to the survey will make you eligible for the reward. Which is a free Whataburger on purchasing a small fry or small drink. However, the receipt is only valid for a maximum of three days. Only legal citizens of the United States of America can be allowed to participate. You are only allowed one entry for each receipt you present, however, you can only make one visit at a time. Customer Survey Details & Requirements

Purchase Required?Yes
TypeCustomer survey
PrizeFree Whataburger with the purchase of medium drinks and fries
Entry MethodOnline
Entry LimitOne free item per visit per receipt
LocationUnited States of America
Receipt Valid ForThree days

Survey Requirements

  • You must have purchased at the participating Whataburger outlets
  • Must have a receipt that is no more than three days old
  • Have a basic grasp of either English or Spanish
  • Have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any internet-capable device
  • A stable and reliable internet connection
  • Have about 5 to 10 minutes to answer the survey questions
  • Have a valid email ID

Survey Restrictions

There are rules to be followed when engaging with the survey. All these are outlined in the company’s terms and conditions. Below is a summary of just some of the restrictions in the terms and conditions:

  • All participants have to be legal residents of the United States of America
  • All entrants have to be 18 years or older
  • Whataburger employees are not allowed to participate in the survey
  • The customer must make a valid purchase to participate
  • You have to keep the receipt from the purchase you made
  • The survey is limited to one receipt per person
  • The Coupon cannot be combined with another offer
  • The reward cannot be exchanged for money at any of the stores
  • You cannot participate in the survey if you are employed by Whataburger
  • The prize cannot be transferred from one person to the other

How to Take the Customer Survey

Step 1.

On purchasing any of the participating Whataburger outlets and get the receipt. Before beginning the process to enter the survey make sure that the receipt you have is no more than three days old.

Step 2.

Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone to visit, the official site of the Whataburger Survey.


Step 3.

Change the language to either English or Spanish depending on your preference.

Step 4.

You will see a prompt for you to enter a survey code. This survey code can be found on the bottom of the receipt you get from purchasing at Whataburger outlets.

Step 5.

After you have finished entering the survey code. Click the start button, colored orange at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the list of questions. Give valid and honest survey answers to the questions on the screen.

Step 6.

Give a rating to the satisfaction you received with your latest visit to Whataburger.

Answer questions on your feeling of the customer service, the staff, the ambiance, and the customer service you received at the establishment. Ensure the answers are as honest as possible so they can be of the most help to the establishment.

Step 7.

Click next, enter your email address on the necessary prompt. This allows the company to issue notifications to you on the latest promotions and discounts they have or even future surveys you may be interested in participating in.

Step 8.

Submit your feedback to the Whataburger survey. On completion, you will receive a code that can be used to redeem a free Whataburger with the purchase of small fries and drinks.

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About Whataburger

  • Whataburger is a restaurant chain based in the American South that primarily serves burgers, chicken, shakes, fries, and other fast-food staples. The chain has a long legacy, having been founded by Harmon Dobson. It is credited with the introduction of foods on its menu to Texans in Corpus Christi. Today, the chain has developed a massive foothold in the American south, from its humble beginnings in Texas it has expanded to states like Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and continues its expansion.
  • With its expansion, the company has continued to create jobs, employing over 22 thousand people. The company’s expansion and growth lie on two pillars. Its food and its customer service. This is evidenced with one of its most popular slogans “Just like you like it”. This slogan illustrates where their values are.
  • Both the food and the customer services they receive are the product receiving and acting on customer feedback. This helps keep them ahead of their competition while ensuring they have the best customer care service around.


Whataburger has managed to expand its restaurant chains across the United States. This is all achieved in the hypercompetitive space that is the American food restaurant business in the United States. Since its inception in 1950, the company has had to evolve and change through all the 70 years of its existence to fit the changing tastes and needs of its consumers. is one of the ways the company uses to maintain its edge. Through the survey, customers can make comments on the food and the services they receive. This information will help them make substantial changes to their workings to meet the needs of the clients.

Having existed for so long, the company needs to be adaptable to the changing times and consequently the demographics of their consumer base. client feedback survey is crucial in making this happen. In expanding to various states, there is a need for the chain to adapt their working to the palate of the people they are serving.

Company Email:

Phone numbers: (210) 476-6000; (210) 476-6000

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