What’s the Starbucks Dress Code in 2023? Find Out Here

What’s the Starbucks Dress Code in 2023

Starbucks is a popular chain of coffee shops that can be found all over the world. If you’re planning on working at Starbucks in 2023, you may be wondering what the dress code is. In this blog post, we will answer all your questions about the Starbucks dress code in 2023! We’ll also explain how strict it is and what’s allowed. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Is There a Starbucks Dress Code In 2023?

The answer is yes! Starbucks does have a dress code in 2023. The company has specific guidelines regarding what employees are allowed to wear on the job. 

Since Starbucks encourages its employees to dress in a way that reflects their individual style and personality, the dress code guidelines are not overly restrictive. It’s all about presenting a professional and polished appearance that still allows employees to feel comfortable and stylish. 

What Is Starbucks Dress Code In 2023?

Generally speaking, Starbucks employees are expected to wear smart casual attire that is both professional and polished. In terms of colors, muted shades such as black, white, and gray are a safe bet. Overall, clothing should be neat and appropriate for the job, with no visible rips or tears. 

You can break down the Starbucks dress code into several different categories. So, let’s do that and go over each of these categories in more detail.

Overall Look

Starbucks recognizes its employees as the face of the company. Therefore, they expect all employees to appear neat and professional at all times. Smart casual attire is the best way to achieve this polished yet comfortable look. 

This means collared shirts, polo tops, and sweaters are all acceptable options. However, baggy and overly tight or revealing clothing is not allowed since it does not reflect the professional image that Starbucks is aiming for. So, in general, smart casual is the way to go. 


The good thing about working at Starbucks is that employees are not required to wear a branded uniform. However, all employees are expected to wear the Starbucks apron that features the company’s green logo. 

This element of the dress code is not optional since it’s necessary to identify employees as part of the Starbucks team. The Starbucks logo on the apron binds the entire look together and creates a uniform aesthetic.

When an employee is hired, they are given an apron to wear at all times during their shifts. The only requirement for the employees is to keep it in clean and good condition. 

Color Palette

What sets Starbucks apart from other coffee shops is that instead of mandated uncomfortable uniforms, employees have the liberty to express themselves through their own individual style. 

However, employees should still remain true to their company’s brand and follow the specific color guidelines.

The following colors are allowed: 

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Khaki
  • Navy
  • White

This color palette guidelines apply to bottoms, footwear, and outwear. 

When it comes to tops, there are no limitations in terms of color. That’s where Starbucks’ freedom shines through and allows employees to express themselves with their clothing.

You can spruce up your Starbucks apron with stylish top colors. Just make sure to steer away from patterns that are too loud or bright. Neon colors, white hue tones, and any other color which could draw attention should be avoided for maximum style potential.


Starbucks is pretty lenient when it comes to hairstyle choices. You can wear your hair in any style and color as long as it is clean and tidy. 

Additionally, all employees should keep their hair away from their faces at all times. This is to avoid any potential contact with food that is being prepared or served. Beards and other facial hair styles should also be kept neatly trimmed for the same reasons. 

So, as long as it looks clean and professional, you’re good to go!


If you’re a fan of hats, this is the company for you. Employees can wear a variety of stylish hats with their Starbucks aprons to make a fashion statement. This includes beanies, vizor hats, plain caps, slaps, and other head-covering articles.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that hats should have no loud logos or designs. Visible branding should be avoided since it can conflict with Starbucks’ image.


Starbucks encourages its employees to wear solid-colored shirts. 

In terms of style, t-shirts and hoodies are not allowed. These garments are considered too casual and therefore do not fit the Starbucks dress code. 

Instead, collared shirts, polos, blouses, and sweaters are the best options to look polished yet stylish. 


As far as bottoms go, employees should stick to the Starbucks color palette. Employees can choose between khaki slacks, thighs, chinos, jeans, and skirts. 

No matter the style, bottoms should be fitted but not too tight and never baggy. That means a big no to shorts, leggings, and sweatpants. Ripped jeans and other edgy styles are also a big no-no. 


Closed-toe shoes are the star of the show here. Whether you want to go for sneakers, loafers, flat shoes, or boots, they must be in the colors of the Starbucks color palette. Additionally, you must wear socks or hosiery that match the color of your shoes. 

Any open-toed or backless shoes, sandals, and heels are not allowed by the company for safety reasons. 


Employees can express themselves with any tattoo of their choice as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate. That means no explicit, sexist, or racist content. 

Showing tattoos is also allowed as long as they fit with the dress code guidelines we’ve already discussed. The only placement that is not allowed is the ones visible on the face and neck. 


When it comes to piercings, the company allows its employees to sport any jewelry they want as long as it is not too big or loud. That being said, Starbucks employees are allowed to wear one facial piercing that is not larger than a dime. Earrings should be a ton bigger than a quarter.

Although it may seem quite limiting, this restriction is in place to ensure that the employees are safe in the working place.


Nail polish and artificial nails are not allowed in Starbucks locations due to the potential health hazards they pose. For example, long nails are a potential risk to food safety and customer safety. 

Gym and workout clothes are not allowed at Starbucks locations due to their casual design. That means no yoga pants, sweatpants, athletic shorts, or tank tops. 

All Starbucks employees should also be mindful of their appearance and hygiene at all times. This includes wearing deodorant and bathing regularly.

Colognes and perfumes are not recommended since they can be too strong and bothersome to customers. 

How Lenient Is Starbucks Dress Code In 2023?

Overall, Starbucks’ dress code in 2023 is quite lenient. Compared to other companies, Starbucks has a much more relaxed view of employee attire. Employees are even encouraged to express themselves with their fashion choices as long as it does not conflict with the dress code guidelines. 

Does Starbucks Provide Employees with Aprons?

Yes, Starbucks provides its employees with aprons. Aprons come in various sizes and colors and can be worn to represent the company’s brand. Starbucks aprons come in the company’s signature green, black and white colors. 

It is important to note that all employees must return the aprons if they decide to leave the company. This is to ensure that the Starbucks brand and image are not compromised by anyone wearing an old apron of theirs. 

Can You Wear Colored Hair at Starbucks?

You absolutely can! As long as your hair dye is permanent or at least semi-permanent, you are more than welcome to rock your colored hair at Starbucks. And the color doesn’t even need to match the Starbucks color palette. 

The only requirement is to stay away from color sprays and products with glitter, as they can be potentially harmful to customers’ food. 

Can You Wear Your Hair Down at Starbucks?

For safety and sanitary reasons, Starbucks requires its employees to tie their hair back. This applies to both men and women and is applicable to hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, and braids. 

Can You Wear Jeans at Starbucks?

Yes, but there are certain restrictions you must follow. You cannot wear jeans that have any rips or holes in them. Additionally, all the jeans you wear must be clean and have a neutral color. That means that colored jeans such as red, blue, or green are not allowed. 

White jeans and other bottoms in white colors are also not allowed due to their potential to get stained. 

Can You Wear Leggings at Starbucks?

Unfortunately, leggings are not allowed to be worn at Starbucks locations. This is because leggings can be too casual and don’t fit with the brand’s professional image. Instead, employees should opt for pants or skirts that are dressier and more appropriate for the workplace. 

The only way to wear leggings while working at Starbucks is if you wear them under a dress or skirt. This way, leggings are not seen, and you still project a professional image. 


Starbucks’ dress code in 2023 is quite lenient and allows employees to express themselves with their fashion choices. As long as you stick to the basics – solid colors, appropriate footwear and accessories, no logos, and no ripped clothing – you will be able to adhere to the Starbucks dress code in 2023. Other than that, you are free to personalize your look however you choose.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some insight into what is considered appropriate attire for a Starbucks employee in 2023. Thank you for reading! 

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