Where to Drop Off FedEx Packages? (Locations, Retailers, + More)

Where to Drop Off FedEx Packages

Sending packages through FedEx is a convenient way to get your items delivered quickly and reliably. However, finding a convenient drop-off location can be a challenge. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore various locations and retailers where you can drop off your FedEx packages hassle-free. Whether you’re a small business owner or just need to send a package, our guide has got you covered.

Where to Drop Off FedEx Packages?

If you need to send a package via FedEx, you may be wondering where you can drop it off. Here are some options to consider:

1. FedEx Office

FedEx Office is a chain of stores that provides printing, shipping, and other business services.  These stores are located throughout the United States, usually in busy areas like shopping centers, business districts, and airports. 

The great thing about FedEx Offices is that you can drop off your FedEx package at any FedEx Office location, and they can also help you with packing, shipping supplies, and other services. Plus, some locations are open 24/7, so you can drop your package off anytime.

2. FedEx Ship Center

FedEx Ship Centers are specialized shipping locations that offer a wide range of FedEx services. These centers are designed to handle large volumes of packages and are typically found in industrial areas or near transportation hubs.

To find a FedEx Ship Center near you, use the “Find FedEx Locations” tool on the FedEx website.

3. FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

FedEx Authorized ShipCenters, also known as “pack-and-ship stores,” are retail locations that are authorized to handle FedEx shipments. These locations may offer other services such as printing, packing, and mailing as well. These centers are often located in retail stores, such as grocery stores and drugstores. 

You can find FedEx Authorized ShipCenters by visiting the FedEx website and searching for locations near you.

4. FedEx Drop Box

If you need to drop off a package outside of business hours or on the go, a FedEx Drop Box is a great option. These boxes are located in public places like shopping centers, airports, and universities and are available 24/7.

To use a FedEx Drop Box, simply package your shipment, print your shipping label and attach it to the package, then drop off your shipment.

5. Retailers

In addition to FedEx-specific locations, there are many other retailers that offer FedEx drop-off services. These retailers include Albertsons, Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreens, Safeway, and other retailers like Jewel-Osco, Randalls, Star Market, Vons, Office Depot & Office Max, and PostalAnnex. 

These locations usually don’t have any extra services like packing or printing,  but they can be a convenient way to drop off your package quickly. So, if you’re near one of these stores, it’s worth checking if they offer FedEx drop-off.

Where to Find FedEx Drop-Off Locations Near Me?

If you want to find a FedEx drop-off location near you, there are a few ways to go about it. 

The easiest way is to use the FedEx Locations tool on the FedEx website. This tool allows you to search for nearby locations, so you can easily find a drop-off spot nearby. Just enter your zip code and check the “Drop-off locations” box. Once you’ve entered your search criteria, you’ll see a list of all the FedEx locations near you.

Alternatively, you can use the FedEx mobile app. Like the website, you can search for nearby locations and get detailed information on each one.

Finally, you can check your local retailers to see if they offer FedEx drop-off services. Usually, these places have a sign near their entryway that says they offer FedEx drop-off. So, when you’re out and about, keep an eye out for stores like Walmart, Walgreens, or Dollar General.

Which Services Are Available at FedEx Drop-Off Locations?

FedEx Drop-Off locations offer a variety of services, depending on the specific location. However, in general, the following services are typically available at FedEx Drop-Off locations:

  • Package drop-off
  • Package pickup
  • Hold at location
  • FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping
  • FedEx International shipping
  • FedEx Returns
  • Shipping supplies
  • Printing services

However,  not all FedEx Drop-Off locations offer every service listed above. Therefore, it’s always best to check with your local FedEx Drop-Off location to determine which services are available.

Are There Shipping Supplies at FedEx Drop-Off Locations?

The answer depends on the specific FedEx Drop-Off location. 

Generally, locations that offer packing services will have some shipping supplies on hand. Since they are responsible for packing the items, they will usually have some supplies like boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and tape.

However, places like grocery stores and drugstores may not carry shipping supplies at all. Since third-party retailers are usually only authorized to handle drop-off and pickup services, they may not have the necessary supplies.

Therefore, it’s always best to come prepared with any necessary supplies when you plan to drop off a package. This way, you can avoid having to search for packing materials at the last minute.


If you need to drop off a package, you have plenty of options. From FedEx-specific locations, such as FedEx Offices, to third-party retailers, such as Walmart and Walgreens, you can drop off your package nearly anywhere. To find the most convenient place for your needs, just use the FedEx location tool and choose whatever suits your needs best. With a little bit of planning ahead, you can make sure your package gets to its destination safe and sound. Good luck!

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