Why Is Buffalo Wild Wings Called B-Dubs? (Here’s the Answer)

Why Is Buffalo Wild Wings Called B-Dubs

Have you ever wondered why some people call Buffalo Wild Wings “B-Dubs”? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll explore the origins of this popular nickname and why it has become so widely used among customers and employees alike. 

So sit back, grab some wings, and get ready to learn the fascinating story behind why Buffalo Wild Wings is affectionately known as B-Dubs!

Why Is Buffalo Wild Wings Called B-Dubs?

The nickname ‘B-Dubs’ is derived from the chain’s original name, Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. 

The restaurant was initially called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, which was then shortened to BW3. Since the original name was long and a bit cumbersome, some employees began using the abbreviated ‘B-Dubs’ to refer to the restaurant. It was a shorter and catchier way of referring to it. So, this nickname quickly caught on with customers and employees alike.

However, as the chain expanded and started serving more than just wings and weck sandwiches, the official name was changed to “Buffalo Wild Wings.” 

But that doesn’t mean the nickname ‘B-Dubs’ has disappeared! On the contrary, the nickname is still widely used by customers and employees to refer to Buffalo Wild Wings today, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. 

Why Is Buffalo Wild Wings Called BW3?

BW3 is another widely used nickname for Buffalo Wild Wings. This is likely because BW3 was the chain’s original name, which stood for “Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck.” Since the name was so long and a bit cumbersome, some customers and employees began using the abbreviated ‘BW3’ to refer to the chain.

Was Buffalo Wild Wings Always Called That Way?

Buffalo Wild Wings was not always called Buffalo Wild Wings. Originally established in 1982, the restaurant was first named “Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck” after the Buffalo-style chicken wings and kimmelweck rolls, a Western New York regional specialty.

Over time, the name was shortened to “Buffalo Wild Wings” to make it more concise and easier to remember. The company also underwent several logo and branding changes throughout its history, evolving from a sports bar with a regional focus to a nationwide chain with a more modern aesthetic.

What Does Buffalo Wild Wings’ Name Mean?

Originally, the restaurant was named “Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck,” with the “Weck” referring to the kimmelweck roll, a regional specialty of Western New York. However, the name was later shortened to simply “Buffalo Wild Wings” for simplicity and ease of recognition.

The name “Buffalo Wild Wings” refers to the restaurant’s signature dish of Buffalo-style chicken wings. These wings are named after the city of Buffalo, New York, where they were first created in the 1960s at a local bar called the Anchor Bar.

These wings are deep-fried to perfection and coated in a hot sauce and buttery blend of seasonings. They come served with celery sticks and either blue cheese or ranch dressing – perfect for dipping.

The “Wild Wings” part of the name highlights the restaurant’s commitment to offering a wide variety of wing flavors and heat levels. Over the years, Buffalo Wild Wings has expanded its menu to include over 20 different sauces and rubs, ranging from mild and sweet to extra spicy and tangy.

What Does Buffalo Wild Wings’ Logo Mean?

The Buffalo Wild Wings logo is a representation of the brand’s values and identity. The logo features a muscular and athletic buffalo with enlarged wings, narrowed eyes, and upward-turned horns, giving it a dynamic and powerful look. The buffalo symbolizes strength, speed, and agility, which are qualities that are associated with sports and athleticism.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ logo underwent a significant change in 2012 to represent the brand’s values and identity better. The words “Grill & Bar” that previously adorned the logo were removed to make the buffalo part of the logo more prominent and noticeable. This change was meant to reflect Buffalo Wild Wings’ evolution beyond just a restaurant and bar concept to become a gathering place and neighborhood destination for sports fans. 

Overall, the logo has been designed to provide greater flexibility and appeal to a wider audience, including women, while maintaining the brand’s association with sports and masculinity. The changes to the logo have allowed for more flexibility in its use across a variety of platforms and cultures as Buffalo Wild Wings continues to expand internationally.

Final Thoughts

So, why is Buffalo Wild Wings called B-dubs? Well, the restaurant’s original name was “Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck,” but it was later shortened to Buffalo Wild Wings or BW3. Abbreviated as “BW3,” the nickname was coined by customers and employees as a more convenient way to refer to the chain. So, essentially, B-Dubs is just a catchy and playful way of saying Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Now you know!

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