Why Is My FedEx Package “Transferred To Usps”? (Tracking Update Explained)

Why Is My FedEx Package Transferred To Usps

Have you ever been tracking a FedEx package only to find that its status has changed from “Delivered” to “Transferred To USPS”? If so, you may be wondering why this happened and what it means for your shipment. This blog post will explain everything you need to know about this tracking update. So, read on to learn more!

Why Is My FedEx Package Transferred to USPS?

You’re seeing the “Transferred to USPS” tracking update because you have used the FedEx Ground Economy shipping service. 

FedEx Ground Economy is a collaborative shipping service between FedEx and USPS. It offers customers a lower-cost shipping option, with FedEx providing the pickup, transportation, and tracking services and USPS responsible for the final delivery. 

As a result of this arrangement, once a package reaches its destination city or town, it is transferred to USPS for last-mile delivery. This is why you may see a tracking update of “Transferred To USPS” when tracking a FedEx Ground Economy package. 

It’s important to note that this does not mean your package has been delayed, lost, or misrouted. Instead, it’s simply been handed over to USPS for the final delivery stage. 

Why Does FedEx Transfer Packages to USPS?

FedEx and USPS joined their powers to provide a cheap, reliable shipping service. For customers, it means they can ship with one of the world’s most trusted shipping carriers at a lower cost. For FedEx, transferring packages to USPS saves them time and money. 

Essentially, it all comes down to using the best-suited courier for each stage of the delivery process. For instance, FedEx is better equipped to transport packages from one major city to another, but USPS is better suited to deliver packages in small towns, rural areas, and residential neighborhoods. 

That means that by delegating packages to USPS for last-mile delivery, FedEx can avoid having to use its own trucks and drivers for the final delivery leg. In addition, since USPS has a vast local delivery network, they can complete the last mile of the delivery much faster and more efficiently than FedEx. Plus, with a much bigger geographic area of coverage, USPS is better equipped to deliver packages on time. 

At the same time, USPS is able to benefit from the extra business by providing the final delivery services for these packages. Since they take on the last mile of the delivery, they can make more money and increase their customer base. 

So, by combining the efforts, FedEx can focus its time and resources on more strategic goals, such as developing new technologies and expanding its services, and USPS can generate more revenue by providing last-mile delivery services. It’s a win-win for both companies.

How Do FedEx and USPS Work Together?

When you ship your package with FedEx Ground Economy, it essentially goes through the same process as with a standard FedEx Ground shipment. 

FedEx generates a label and assigns a tracking number to your package, at which point it enters FedEx’s system. During this stage, you can track your package in real-time, as you would with any other FedEx shipment. Your package is then transported through a series of warehouses, distribution centers, and hubs until it reaches the building closest to its destination. 

The only difference, in this case, is that once your package reaches its final destination city or town, FedEx hands it over to USPS for the last leg of the delivery. From then on, it’s USPS’s job to ensure that your package is delivered to its final destination in a timely manner.

How Long Before My Package Is Delivered?

Generally, you can expect your package to be delivered in 2-7 business days. This is usually the case for packages going to the contiguous United States. 

However, depending on where your package is headed, it can take as long as 5-14 business days to make it to the final destination. This is especially true for packages going to Alaska, Hawaii, or a U.S. territory. 

How Can I Track a FedEx Package Transferred to USPS?

That’s when things get a little tricky. 

As long as your package is inside the FedEx network, you can track it using their online tracking tool, as usual. However, once your package has been transferred to USPS, you can no longer track it using the FedEx tracking number. 

This is because FedEx cannot access USPS’s tracking system, so they can’t show updated parcel scans on their website. So, once your package is in the hands of USPS, your tracking status will read something like “delivered to USPS.”

To get more information on your package’s whereabouts, you can try using the tracking page on the USPS website. Since the only tracking number you have is a 20-digit FedEx tracking number, you’re missing just two digits to be able to track it correctly. In this case, you need to add “92” at the beginning of your FedEx tracking number and then enter it on the USPS website. 

Once that is done, you should be able to see more information on your package. Although it is not guaranteed that this will work, it’s worth a try. 


The reason you see the status “Delivered to USPS” on your package tracking page is that you have requested the FedEx Ground Economy service, which is a partnership between the two companies. According to this partnership, FedEx will transfer your package to USPS for the final delivery. In most cases, your package will be delivered in 2-7 business days, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

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