YETI First Responder Discount Requirements and Details

YETI first responder discount requirements and details

YETI’s mission statement is “to ensure that each YETI product delivers exceptional performance and durability in any environment, whether in the remote wilderness, at the beach, or anywhere else life takes our customers.”

YETI is an American brand that produces a wide range of products. From ice chests to soft coolers to drinkware, you will find all outdoor accessories at YETI! 

While YETI is a well-known brand, some of its products are pretty expensive for many customers. But YETI has a solution for this problem too. The company offers various discounts to help different customer segments shop on a budget. 

This post will discuss the YETI first responder discount requirements, details, and much more. This company offers this discount in collaboration with the company to help all the frontline workers enjoy discounts while shopping. Read on!

Why Should You Ask for YETI First Responder Discount?

YETI is a well-known brand with durable and premium quality products. The brand has an interesting variety of products to cater to the needs of people who love outdoor activities. In short, shopping from YETI can never be a wrong decision. 

Fortunately, YETI honors first responders across the US with a special discount offer. The company’s first responder discount is an excellent way for frontline workers to shop from the brand at discounted rates and save money. It’s no secret that YETI products are useful for first responders, so why not buy them at discounted prices?

How Much Is the First Responder Discount at YETI?

YETI offers a 20% discount to first responders through the verification on selected products. The best part? The company has no terms and conditions for its first responder discount, and there is no specific age limit. 

However, this discount offer does not include limited edition products and new releases. Plus, the YETI first responder discount does not cover customized products.

Who Can Take Advantage of YETI First Responder Discount?

All frontline workers, including people from military backgrounds, veterans, firefighters, nurses, EMTs, and police officers, can take advantage of the YETI first responder discount. 

Read on for a complete list of professionals who can take advantage of the YETI first responder discount:

1. Military Members

All active-duty military members, veterans, retirees, national guards, and inactive reserves are included in this category.

2. Government Officials

This category includes all the employees of State, Federal, and Local governments.

3. Nurses

This category includes certified health practitioners, nursing assistants, and midwives. Also, nurses with the following certifications can take advantage of the discount:

  • ARNP
  • RN
  • PN/LPN
  • APRN
  • CRNA
  • CNS

4. First Responders

This includes firefighters, police officers, sheriffs, and EMS/EMTs. 

How to Get YETI First Responder Discount?

As mentioned earlier, YETI offers a 20% discount for first responders and frontline workers through The is an online digital identity network for people to securely provide their personal information while shopping online. 

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to avail yourself of the YETI first responder discount through

Step 1. Set Up Your Account

To begin with, set up your account to access the YETI first responder discount. Here is how to register your account:

  • Navigate to Accessing
  • Enter a valid email & password, confirm the password, and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Verify your account by opening the confirmation email by
  • Once your account is verified, you can enjoy the discounts!

Step 2. Go to YETI.Com

After setting up your account:

  1. Go to and add the items you want to purchase to your cart.
  2. Click on the ‘view cart/bag’ option. This will lead you to a drop-down menu on the bottom right of your screen named ‘military and first responders.
  3. Click on the menu tab to expand it and log in to your account. 

Step 3: Enter Your Billing Information and Avail of the Discount

After logging in, you will see a list of products available under the YETI first responder discount with flat 20% off prices. Next, enter your billing information, including your name, contact number, and address, and pay the amount! YETI will ask you to verify your first responder status in the form of an ID. Just attach the proof, and you will receive your products at discounted rates if you meet the requirements.

Similar Companies That Do Offer First-Responder Discounts

YETI’s first responder discount is surely a great deal for frontline workers to shop on a budget and save money. You may also want to know what other similar companies offer first responder discounts. So, we did the research and rounded up the following stores that offer first responder discounts: 

  • Adidas: The famous retail company provides 30% off to first responders with valid ID proof. The discount is available both in stores and online.
  • Clark’s: This store offers a 10% discount to first responders through verification.
  • Gravity: Gravity provides a 20% first responder discount on all products through verification.


How to Check YETI First Responder Discount Status?

You can check and verify your YETI first responder discount status through the app. They will keep you updated on whether or not you qualify for the discount. 

How Many Times Can You Use Your First Responder Discount at YETI?

You can use the YETI first responder discount as often as you can. However, you can’t share the discount with anybody. Plus, the deal does not apply to all the company’s products.

Where Can I Use the First Responder Discount at YETI?

You can use the YETI first responder discount only on eligible products. Head over to the steps listed above to get the discount.


YETI does offer a 20% first responder discount for frontline workers and military & government officials through the verification. The discount is only applicable to eligible and selected products. You may also want to shop at YETI competitors like Adidas, Clark’s, and Gravity to avail yourself of first responder discounts.

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