Yeti Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Yeti mission statement is “build the cooler we’d use every day if it existed.” Quality is the primary target of this statement. It can be expanded using two components:

  1. Premier products
  2. Improving lives

The founders of this company explicitly state that they were motivated by the frustrations of unreliable coolers and outdoor accessories.  Yeti is the solution to these flaws as the firm launched designs sturdy enough to withstand the harshest abuses during a wild adventure. The company is proud to state that its products are the modern yardstick for all other related items by competitors. With such tools, Yeti believes that its customers are free to enjoy and explore the unknown with minimal worries of contamination of their provisions. This is because Yeti coolers are reliable and give one a run for their investments.


The rise of Yeti, an Austin-based manufacturer, was prompted by the demand for durable and reliable products for outdoor adventures. The mission and vision statements of this company stress the satisfaction of personal needs in reference to outdoor coolers and related accessories. The 2006 founded company, therefore, came to offer lasting solutions to the existing gap in this market. A corporate vision statement defines where a company wants to be in the future. A corporate mission statement complements it by strategizing how to achieve the desired future.

In this case analysis of Yeti, the vision statement is all about making outdoor experiences worthwhile. On the other hand, the mission statement talks about the availability of coolers that meet all the needs of an outdoor enthusiast. The core values influence the yeti’s attitude towards its business. That is why it has maintained top qualities that align with its mission and vision.

Vision Statements

Yeti vision statement is to treat all its clients to the ideal outdoor experiences that they long for. While this is clear about the ambitions of Yeti, it is yet to publish the vision statement.

The stories about the robustness of the items that Yeti manufactures proves that they are not limited to any environment. The company has specialized tools for any wild experiences that one would wish for. Its team of experts ensures that these products are tested to leave the customer awed and free to indulge.

Core Values

Yeti core values include “unwavering strive for improvement, authentic and innovation, prioritizing, be responsive, and cooperation.” These are the principles that make Yeti a winning brand. They spread a culture of unity and productivity.


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