Expedia Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Expedia’s mission statement is “To bring the world within reach.”The mission statement sums up all the activities of the company that sets it apart from the rest in the game. The precision adopted in this statement is evidence that the priority of the company is what the benefits customers draw from all its operations – enjoying a world within their reach.  From this mission statement, several elements that influence the business’ management can be extracted. They comprise:

  1. Improvement of life. The top mission of Expedia is to create a system that eases the mobility and accessibility of the entire globe to its customer base. The determination the company has shown towards this agenda is reflected in its relentless pursuit of innovative travel ideas. For instance, it welcomes progressive and development-oriented ideas, and these have seen the company make notable strides towards this goal.
  2. Exceeding expectations. Expedia is a company that has proven it does not settle for normal. Its numerous recognitions outlined in the “Awards & Accolades” offers a snippet of the lengths the company has gone to offer the best services in the travel sector. Giving clients more than they bargain for is a marketing strategy that boosts the attractiveness and recognition of a company, and Expedia has successfully learned how to leverage it.
  3. Boosting convenience. It is clear that by making the world reachable to its customers, Expedia improves their travel convenience. For instance, Expedia implies that convenience for its customers is a priority in various ways including an integrated internet system that makes identification of travel destinations surprisingly easy. In fact, this agrees with the contemporary demand for convenience by customers while making their travel plans across the globe.
  4. Attractive and affordability. Cost is obviously top of the list of barriers that make it difficult for most people to travel. Expedia recognizes this, and as part of its concept of achieving its mission, factors in the need for affordable prices. It offers a platform that promotes fairness as described in its policies and practices section.


Expedia is the ideal definition of growing a company from humble beginnings to ranking it among the top global enterprises. The aggressiveness characterizing Expedia has seen it gradually rise as one of the best travel companies ever since its foundation in October 1996. Expedia’s mission and vision statement mirrors its position and continued aspirations to remain the best in what it does.

The guiding principles adopted by Expedia further add to its ever-rising success especially in how they complement the mission and visions. Ideally, through vision statements, a company projects its futuristic expectations and achievements. In relation to this, Expedia clearly outlines the desire to leave a mark of relevance at the global level while prioritizing to meet at the needs of both customers and partners through tech-led approaches.

When it comes to the corporate mission statement, this reflects what the company has in store for its audience or the primary goal of the company. A review of Expedia shows that its mission statement prioritizes creating an interconnectedness that makes the world an accessible locality for all. In fact, the company demonstrates its prowess through technological advancements that technically turn the world into a village in terms of reach.

The core values such as relentlessness for better, team effort, positive approach, honesty and thinking both big and smart echoes its dominance in the travel sector. In fact, all its elements seamlessly complement each other leading to its contemporary prominence as voiced in its milestone analysis.

Vision Statement

Expedia vision statement is “To be locally relevant on a global basis, be customer-centric, attract and engage the world of travel suppliers, power other industry partners, continuously improve our platform with data and tech, and be the place where exceptional people who share our passion for tech and travel want to do their best work.” It emphasizes the major reasons Expedia wants to establish itself as one of the renowned travel companies in the world. Based on this vision statement, several factors relevant to it emerge:

  1. Locally relevant on a global basis. In this first component of Expedia’s vision statement, the focus is on gaining local relevance in various key global markets. For instance, the company emphasizes on providing specific customers with the best content they can relate with rather than generalized ones. It targets to exploit localized translations, respective payment programs, and additional local travel categories, all aimed at sharpening the customer experience.
  2. Customer-centric. Closely linked to the first component, this factor shows that Expedia is all about the needs of the customer. It is an emphasis on how important the company sees its customers. In fact, the company extends its reach through Expedia Cares to emphasize on the value of its customers.
  3. Engaging travel suppliers’ world and powering industry partners. Expedia’s vision reflects its continued determination to boost convenience by bringing travel supplies to a centralized system. In this way, this not only promises its growth but also the achievement of its mission.
  4. Creating better work settings. Expedia satisfies its vision of being an exceptional working place for like-minded people as shown by its accommodative and inclusive culture. Today, Expedia enjoys the best work settings with gender and other cultural balances.

Core Values

Some of Expedia’s core values comprise “Striving relentlessness for better, team effort, positive approach, honesty and thinking both big and smart.” They are a reflection of the principles that propel the company towards the achievement of its mission and visions. It comprises of the following elements:

  1. Striving for better. Expedia is always on the lookout to devise the best strategies through tech and other data innovations.
  2. Team effort. In this second element, Expedia emphasizes the place of the spirit of cooperation in achieving the mission of the company. The partnership section echoes how much it values and support this component.
  3. Positive approach and honesty. Expedia acknowledges the growth potential that comes with a positive mindset and honesty among all the stakeholders. In fact, its codes of conduct are a reflection of the importance of this core value.
  4. Thinking big and smart. Progressive growth is the top priority for Expedia. Gaining this momentum can only occur in the presence of groundbreaking innovations, which Expedia recognizes as the best business strategies for achieving its mission and vision.


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