Arby’s Senior Discount Requirements And Details

Arby’s Senior Discount

Arby’s Mission statement is “Inspiring Smiles Through Delicious Experiences®”. It is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, with approximately 3,472 outlets in eight countries. It came about as a subsidiary of Inspire Brands. Furthermore, it was the brainchild of Forrest and Leroy Raffel and was born on July 23, 1964. The name Arby’s is taken from the initial sound of the Raffel Brothers i.e. R(are) B(b)’s.

The first outlet came about in Boardman, Ohio, on July 23, 1964, with its starting menu as roast beef sandwiches, potato chips, and soft drinks. It was different in that its interiors were done up in an upscale manner to attract the clients of the upper strata of society. It was extravagantly done up compared to the sandwich outlets of those days. But the best thing about Arby’s is that they give senior discounts. 

Arby’s Foundation is known for its community services, and they have donated millions for various charitable activities. They have a mission to end childhood hunger in America.

Why Should You Ask For A Senior Discount?

Saving money is a wise thing to do, no matter your age. Things are getting expensive and everyone including seniors is finding it hard to meet expenses. So why not save when you have an opportunity? 

Since Arby’s does offer a senior discount, you must ask for it. It is a great way to stay within your budget while enjoying the yummy food you love.

You must try their beef roast sandwiches and the curly potato chips and fries that they serve with along with soft drinks. No one else in the market can make as tasty a beef roast as them. The uniqueness of the company is that they hand-cut the beef slices every day and slow-roast them.

They have tasted success like no one else in the industry. And good and tasty food is not the only attraction that they hold. Besides that, they have priced their entire menu in such a way that it attracts a wide range of consumers. Along with the upscale interiors, the food comes beautifully priced. Is this not a reason enough why even senior citizens should visit Arby’s?

How To Get Arby’s Senior Discount?

Arby’s offers a discount for senior citizens. They give a discount of 10% to their senior customers above the age of 55. Some outlets give free drinks to older citizens. But remember, the company works on a franchise model. So, discount varies from outlet to outlet. The company has no control over this, as they do not have a uniform discount rate and policies. So before ordering from an outlet, you must call the outlet and get the details. Else, you can search for such deals online to check their offers. 

Other than the 10% discount for seniors, you may sign up on Arby’s mail list to know about the promotional offers that the company gives from time to time.

The senior discount is available for seniors above 55. But this age criteria may vary from location to location. Not just the age varies, even the discount amount and participation may vary location-wise.

Apart from senior discounts, seniors can also save money by taking the 5 for 5 deal. Here, one gets to choose from the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich or Classic Beef ‘n’ Cheddar Sandwich, and one gets a small fry with soft drinks for $5 only. Similarly, they have another 2 for 6 deal that the seniors can avail themselves of. Here you get nine bite-sized pieces of chicken in a crispy seasoned breading with your choice of dip.

If you want an in-store discount, show them your ID and avail of their senior discount. Just giving them proof of your age is enough. If you want to avail of their online discount, then you must follow the instructions given on their website. Another way of taking benefit of discounts is using the Promo Codes on sites like, and you get to save as much as 25% or more. Additionally, you can search for Online Coupons, Promo Codes, and Coupon Codes.

For an online discount, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Search for Arby’s senior discounts online or ask family and friends.
  • Present them with your ID or your EBT number or Medicaid card, or you can contact customer care.
  • If your information passes the verification, then your discount gets activated, and you will get a code that you must fill in at the end.

Other Ways You Can Save With Arby’s

Take the Arby’s Survey

Arby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is another great opportunity to save your money if you are a senior. To take the survey, you need to visit or Just enter your four-digit unit number and the date of your receipt and take part in the survey. On submitting the survey, you get a chance to win $1000 daily and $1,500 weekly.  Arby’s customer survey is an excellent way to know how satisfied their customers are.

Search for discount Deals and Coupons

Search online frequently to get more information on discounts and promo codes valid for in-store or online shopping. One such site is

Arby’s Happy Hour

During Happy Hour which is from 2 PM to 5 PM every day, you can get many items like sliders, cookies, or shakes for only $1.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Many restaurants in America offer senior discounts. Some are A&W Restaurants, Applebee’s, Back Yard Burgers, Ben & Jerry’s, Bennigan’s, Big Boy Restaurants, Bonanza Steakhouse, etc. They offer senior discounts to beat the competition and to assist seniors to manage their budget. 

Arby’s FAQs

Does Arby’s have senior hours?

No, Arby’s doesn’t have senior hours, but they have a Happy Hour between 2 PM to 5 PM every day at every location.

What is Arby’s senior discount age?

The senior discount age at Arby’s is 55 and above.

Is there a senior discount day at Arby’s?

Seniors get a discount daily at Arby’s. There is no specific senior discount day.

Does Arby’s accept AARP

No, there are no AARP discounts by Arby’s.


Arby’s competitors also give senior discounts to ensure that they remain popular among seniors and stay competitive. However, roast beef from Arby’s is simply unmatched on the market. If you are above 55, you must definitely go for Arby’s senior discount and enjoy savings. To be sure, contact the outlet near you to confirm all the details regarding the senior discount before visiting or ordering. By the way, Arby’s also offers corporate discounts.

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