Company’s Mission Statement and Values: Why Is It Important?

Company’s Mission Statement

A company’s mission statements and values can affect an organization’s business, including its customers and staff. No matter what company you are creating – a personal alarm startup or a jet plane manufacturing, having a mission statement and knowing your company values is a must for success.
A company mission statement will define why your company exists, while values are beliefs and guiding principles that define your company’s culture to ensure success and productivity. Here is more on the importance of a company’s mission statement and values.  

What Mission Statement Is and Its Importance

A mission statement is an in-depth summary of an organization’s values, goals, and what it hopes to achieve. It is integral to the company’s strategy in setting priorities, allocating resources, and unifying the workforce into working towards the same goal. A mission statement can also help the company make decisions and understand its core values. Here are a few reasons a mission statement is essential in a company.

  • It creates an organization’s core identity by defining what you are and what values you live by.
  • A mission statement directs the company’s culture and guides the company toward what it stands for. This prevents chaos and disorder as the company moves through different processes to achieve its goals.
  • It provides a clear goal to the workforce and improves work performance by motivating employees to work toward fulfilling the company’s long-term plans for growth.
  • Builds a favorable community by helping the company and the workforce maintain a good reputation. This allows like-minded people to share similar objectives by working in a company with a strong mission statement.

The Importance of Company Values 

Company values are beliefs or guiding principles a business establishes to maintain the right work ethic, increase productivity, and connect the workforce. Values educate existing and future clients about a company’s identity. They also form an outcome for future interactions and help the company gain a competitive edge. The importance of core values includes the following:

  • They act as critical tools in talent acquisition and retention. A company has to ensure they have the best people in their workforce. To achieve this, it has to emphasize values that support long-term goals.
  • Core values help keep the company in check by ensuring that its workforce firmly abides by its principles. This prevents malpractices and poor customer service.
  • They help in the growth and stability of an organization. A company with a well-articulated purpose and values will increase workforce involvement, leading to excellent stability and fueling growth. 


If you visit any organization’s website, you will find all forms of values and mission statements. Well-articulated mission statements and core values can create a conducive environment for employees and customers to achieve a common goal. They act as unifying forces that lead to better working relationships and productivity. A good mission statement will describe a company’s existence and how it will change the world. And a company’s values will ensure that the entire workforce of a company is attuned from the top to bottom levels.

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