Culver’s Senior Discount Requirements, Details, and Other Ways to Save

Culver's senior discount

Even if you’re no longer in school, that doesn’t mean your days of eating cheap are over. Seniors, especially those over 65, can often qualify for special discounts on certain products and services, including grocery, fast food, or casual dining. 

As a senior citizen having a taste for frozen custards and ButterBurgers, you might wonder whether or not Culver’s – a famous American casual fast-food chain – is offering discounts for seniors in 2023. Does Culver’s senior menu exist? What is Culver’s senior discount age? Read through this guide for detailed information about the senior discount at Culver’s and explore more options to save at the fast-food restaurant.

Does Culver’s Have a Senior Discount in 2023?

Culver’s doesn’t officially have a dedicated senior discount policy. But luckily, some locations are reportedly offering 10% off the total bill for those aged 60 and above. You might want to check with your local Culver’s outlet to confirm if they’re having any offers for seniors. 

Regardless, there are many other money-saving methods that you can leverage while eating at the restaurant — kid’s meal, MyCulver’s account, coupons, and more. 

Continue reading to find out how to enjoy food at the famous fast-food chain without paying hefty amounts. 

Other Ways to Save at Culver’s

While a senior discount at Culver’s is not guaranteed, here are 6 promising ways to knock a few bucks off your bills. 

1. Buy Kid’s Meal

Don’t be mistaken by the name; like other items on the menu, you can count on the kid’s meal just as well. And why not? Fewer calories, lower cost, and just enough to satisfy your fast-food craving!

On top of that, you get a free scoop of custard and a Scoopie token with every kid’s meal. So, enjoy your custard and bag your tokens till they’re 10 to have them traded with a free kid’s meal.   

2. Sign-Up for Email List

Second, you can enjoy multiple perks by signing up for MyCulver’s account. For example, you’ll get special deals from time to time and a free custard on your birthday. Culver’s also sends printable coupons via emails that you can use to reduce your dining cost at the restaurant. Simply print the coupons, show them at the restaurant’s cash counter, and get a few bucks off your bill. 

3. Purchase Culver’s Gift Cards

As part of Culver’s holiday promotion, the restaurant offers a free value coupon with every gift card purchased. This is a great way to share happiness with your loved ones! But, if you want to keep the gift card for yourself, you can still use the coupon anytime throughout the year. 

4. Use Expired Coupons

Why not use a coupon when you’re ready, even if it exceeds the expiry date? 

Although it sounds impractical, many people have reported having their expired coupons accepted. So, instead of throwing out your expired coupon, it’s better to take your chance. 

Besides, using a coupon just for fear of running out of it could still be an unnecessary purchase. You might want to avoid your FOMO and instead take your coupon to your local Culver’s when you crave your favorite meal. If you’re lucky, they’ll accept it regardless of the validity date. 

5. Fill Out the Survey

Culver’s runs customer satisfaction surveys from time to time. This means your payment receipt may have a link to the company’s survey printed on it. You can visit the link, complete the survey, and qualify for a discount or free meal. The survey typically requires you to answer a few questions regarding your experience at the eatery, including suggestions for improvement. 

The best part? You’ll receive a promo code upon completing the survey. Simply use the code while placing your online order, or bring it to the restaurant for a free scoop of custard. 

6. Pay With Gift Cards

Another great to save money at Culver’s is to buy gift cards at the right time. Here’s how it works: Culver’s frequently features gift cards at cut prices, especially at year-end. You’ll want to get as many as possible when that happens. These should cover your food cost at least for the next few months, which means you won’t be paying anything. 

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

Here’s a list of Culver’s competitors that offer senior discounts:

Ben & Jerry’s10% offAged 60+
Bob’s Big BoyUp to 15% offAged 60+
Dairy Queen10% offAged 55+
Fazoli’sDiscounted senior menuAged 62+
Hardee’sUp to 10% offAged 50+
Perkins Restaurant & BakeryDiscount menu for seniorsAged 55+
Steak ‘n Shake10% off food and nonalcoholic beveragesMust be on AARP
Waffle House10% off every MondayAged 60+


Culver’s doesn’t have nationwide discounts for senior citizens. But the good news is that you can reduce your bill at the restaurant by opting for the kid’s meal, using expired coupons, and purchasing gift cards. Besides, we recommend you create MyCulver’s account and get coupons and special offers right in your inbox. Lastly, make sure to fill out the survey form to win promo codes.

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