Harris Teeter Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Harris Teeter Senior Discount

In 1960, two North Carolina grocers, W.T. Harris and Willis Teeter founded the Harris Teeter. It runs 250+ stores in seven states and the District of Columbia. Worried about the skyrocketing prices of groceries and need to know, “Is there a senior discount for Harris Teeter?” Well, you would be happy to know that Harris Teeter senior discount does exist.

Being considerate towards the senior citizens for whom money does matter, the company understands that seniors become the prey as they have a limited amount of money in their hands. Taking this into high consideration, the Harris Teeter senior discount coupon has been introduced. There are lucrative benefits associated with this discount coupon. Let’s find out them in this article.

What is the Harris Teeter senior discount?

Harris Teeter senior discount is meant especially for senior citizens. With this discount, seniors can buy groceries at a discount of 5% on every purchase. It is advisable to inform the cashier about your age to avail of the discount. Also, it is important to mention that Harris Teeter for senior citizens discount is available every Thursday, and Harris Teeter senior discount age is 60+ years. Besides, senior shoppers must have a VIC card to make use of the deals and offers.

Why Harris Teeter discount for senior citizens?

The store is keen to offer convenience and comfort to its senior shoppers. They offer an opportunity to senior citizens to buy groceries while staying safe and protected. Seniors can shop with some relief as they can enjoy a 5% discount from Harris Teeter. Apart from exciting Harris Teeter for senior citizens discounts, in response to Covid-19, the store offers two senior shopping hours every Monday and Thursday. The timings are 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

They also have ExpressLane Online Shopping pick-up from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for senior shoppers on Thursdays. Also, seniors need not pay a $4.95 fee or $5 delivery during Covid times. Hence, senior shoppers can benefit from a 5% Senior Club discount on Thursdays. So, Thursdays are Harris Teeter senior discount days. Other vulnerable shoppers can also shop during senior hours.

More Ways to Save Money from Harris Teeter

  • With the help of the Harris Teeter discount code, it will become easy to save big on every purchase of yours. Along with the promo codes associated with Harris Teeter senior discount days, there are some additional ways of saving money. Some of the most important ones have been mentioned as under:
  • Master cards – Purchasing groceries using Master Cards will serve as a great way of scoring extra points. With the help of this special type of card, you will be able to have a firm grip on your spending. Also, it is helpful in terms of avoiding bank overdrafts.
  • Promotional discounts – Utilizing promotional discounts is another exclusive way of saving a few pennies. Harris Teeter sometimes provides special discount schemes that include promotional discounts along with seasonal deals. It is advisable to have a regular check on these deals and save high on the purchase of amazing products.
  • Weekly Deals: Look out for weekly deals at your local Harris Teeter store. You can find this on the weekly ad web page of the website. Just enter your ZIP code to see deals for you in your local store. You can also view special e-VIC member prices and deals.
  • Harris Teeter card:  If you have a Harris Teeter card, you can enjoy many perks like a One-time $30 statement credit, reward points to buy groceries, travel services, and no annual fees.

Saving money on sale prices with Harris Teeter is no more a challenge. All you need is to have a check on the schemes and coupons made available. Competitor coupon policies are not supported at Harris Teeter. Hence, it is advisable to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any type of confusion. The impeccable customer service will help in shooing away all your confusion in the best possible manner.

How To Get Harris Teeter senior discount?

To avail of the discount coupon, it is essential to claim the same. For that, first and foremost, you need to verify your status and prove yourself as a senior citizen. To get Harris Teeter senior discount, you must submit a government-issued document that has details like:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport or state-issued ID

You may take help of any photo identity card that may include a driving license, green card, passport, and so on. Once the verification gets completed, you will be able to enjoy the privilege of a Harris Teeter discount to seniors.

Harris Teeter FAQs

How many times the Senior Discount Card can be used?

The Harris Teeter for senior citizens coupon code can be used an unlimited number of times. There is no such restriction that it can be used once or twice a month or so. But, every time you go shopping; it is essential to re-verify the status of being a senior citizen.

Only then, you will be able to claim the forthcoming discount and save hundreds of dollars. The scheme will be made available every Thursday when you can enjoy the lucrative benefits of the Harris Teeter discount coupon.

What are Harris Teeter’s senior discount exclusions?

The discount applies to almost every purchase, excluding the following items:

  • Pharmaceutical goods
  • Fuel
  • Tickets
  • Gift cards

Is Harris Teeter Discount Coupon valid for military personnel?

Yes, Harris Teeter offers Veteran’s Day Discount to veterans and military families.

Is stacking coupon codes permitted?

No, stacking the Harris Teeter discount coupons is not permitted. 

In short, you are supposed to utilize the coupon codes individually against every purchase.

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