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What is a Mission Statement

company mission statement sets the immediate course for that business. It focuses on the company’s current goals. It lets customers, employees, and the general public know what a company is about, how it will reach its objectives, and what motivates the company to do what it is doing.

What types of businesses do you work with?

It lets people know what the company offers, and why they are different from the other companies out there who do exactly the same thing. It gives a business a chance to show how it is unique, even if at first glance, it doesn’t appear to be. 

What is your consulting approach?

With 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S., which makes up 99.9 percent of the companies in this country, there is a lot of industry competition. Standing out from the crowd and finding a way to run a successful business is imperative when there is this kind of competition. That’s how a mission statement can help.

How long does a consulting engagement typically last?

Since they are such an important tool for a company, a business mission statement requires a lot of thought and effort. They aren’t hastily jotted down in a few minutes — they may take weeks of meetings and dozens of drafts before one is accepted. It’s an important process that is worth the time.

How much does your consulting service cost?

And as time goes on and goals are met or changed, it’s critical to revisit that mission statement and see if it still applies or if it can be tweaked to make it a more effective tool for the company. If it is changed, it should always tie in to the values that the company holds dear. 

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Vision Statement

Some businesses choose to skip vision statements, sometimes only having a mission statement instead. But because they can be powerful guiding principles when hard decisions have to be made, they are handy to have and to refer back to whenever you’re questioning a decision.

Expert Business Strategy

It serves as a source of inspiration for what that company wants for itself in the upcoming years. As such, vision statements are often lofty and may even seem far-fetched to some. That’s okay, because dreams do become reality with enough hard work.

Driving Business Growth through Accelerated Strategies

And while vision statements may seem incredibly simple, they can be excruciatingly hard to write. That’s in part because of how simple they are. It’s not easy to boil all your hopes and dreams for your company into one short sentence.

Strategic Business Solutions: Empowering Growth

To help understand what a vision statement definition is, think about retirement planning. When companies offer their employees retirement savings seminars so they can learn about their investing options, often the financial experts hand out retirement planning books. 

Organizational Transformation Experts

These workbooks ask employees questions about what they would like their retirement to be like. They ask what their goals are, and where they envision themselves at retirement time. What would they like to be doing if money weren’t an option?

Powerful and Innovative Business Strategies

Based on those answers, those booklets help employees determine how much money they might need to fund their dream. It motivates those employees to make the leap and sign up for a proper retirement savings plan like 401k. It convinces them to take action to make those dreams come true.

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