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verizon senior discount

Verizon Communications Inc., formed on June 30, 2000, is one of the leading contributors to technology, information, communication-related services. It has a global presence. The company provides its consumers with services like data, voice, and video calling on its various platforms and networks. It offers mobility, reliability, connectivity, control, and security. It also provides Verizon discounts for seniors.

What Are Verizon Seniors Discounts 2021?

verizon phone plans for seniors

Does Verizon have a senior plan? Yes, they do have. Getting superior quality cellular services is tough. But if you are in search of a plan for the elderly, then the Verizon plans for seniors, the 55+ Unlimited Phone Plan is an affordable plan you can vouch for. Verizon’s plans have a plethora of other plans that come at affordable prices for the senior citizens of Florida. In these senior cell phone plans, you get unlimited talk time, data, and text exchange at rates that are lower than the standard plans.

Verizon in One Flip Plan For Seniors – Key Highlights

  • Plans for seniors with unlimited talk time, data, and texting
  • Two-day shipping or same-day in-store pickup that comes for free
  • DVD-like streaming with unlimited hotspot data
  • Few specific plans include unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada
  • No overage charges
  • One can avail of $500 for shifting to a plan on a personal phone
  • 4G LTE and 5G network that has nationwide coverage

Why Verizon Discount for Senior Phone Plans

verizon plans for seniors

Verizon phone plans for seniors offer amazing monthly discounts and features.  The Unlimited Phone Plans for seniors offer several useful features like nationwide coverage, prompt customer service, streaming services, special deals, assistance program, reliable coverage, etc.

With these plans, you can text, make unlimited calls or watch videos. With the senior citizen’s plans, you get to see just how much is Verizon plans for seniors suitable and customer-centric.

The Verizon senior discount age starts from 50, but there are various plans for corporates, veterans and other groups. They have a multitude of plans with many special discounts and added advantages like:

  • Staying active through the various social media
  • Easy navigation through the country
  • Remaining connected with family, friends, and associates
  • Availing of all emergency help that is required
  • Getting essential services through various apps 

Verizon’s 55+ Unlimited Plan is the basic phone plan that starts at $60 for one line per month and $80 for two lines per month. It offers $5 to $15 savings in comparison to the other standard plans. With this service plan, you also get unlimited talk time, texting services, and 4G LTE data. This benefit means that you talk to your loved ones without having to keep a check on the time continuously. But it also ensures that you stay within your limits.

With this plan, you get streaming services that are of high quality. You can even get the mobile hotspot services that connect you to your laptop or tablet. International calling is another feature of this plan for seniors. This plan is for those who have a billing address in Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Texas or Detroit, or Michigan.

How to get Verizon Senior Discounts?

There are many deals that the company offers to its consumers, but you need to get the best out of those deals. That can be easily done in a variety of ways that the company mentions. The process is very simple.

You need to provide proof of your status and eligibility to the company, and the best deals are yours from Verizon plans for senior citizens

Say, for example, when you want to switch over to one of the company’s unlimited data plans, get your own smartphone and avail of a $500 Verizon e-gift card that can be used to purchase any Verizon product online. As an extra, if you have a smartphone or tablet from another carrier, then also you get to exchange that for a $100 Verizon e-gift.

For teachers, military personnel, veterans, corporate employees, first responders, or even a student, you can enjoy a saving of $25 on multi-line accounts. Teachers get an exclusive deal with their Start Unlimited plan for just $30 per month for one single line.

Steps to Get Verizon senior discount

  1. Go to
  2. Click Shop> Deals/Plans to check out their offerings.
  3. Do enter your Zip code to know the plans valid in your area.
  4. Once you make up your mind, you can buy a suitable plan and enjoy loads of features like device protection and Verizon Cloud.

Verizon FAQs

What Is The Verizon Senior Plan After 60?

This is another option for seniors who are above 65 years of age. This is a two-year contract plan. This is what Verizon for seniors in 2021 was like with the benefit of making domestic long-distance calls that have no charges, unlimited national calls, and making texts to people when required. Moreover, this plan is very suitably desired for seniors above 65 years of age based on the trends of their calling and texting patterns.

Are the plans phones specific?

Yes, it is true. Though all phones are not plan specific, yet there are some in that category, but the company offers mobile devices that are 4G LTE compatible. You can check out the company plans.

How to know when to upgrade?

The process is very simple. You just need to visit the upgrade eligibility page and type the mobile number. The system will let you know how to upgrade when you are eligible. If you have a Verizon wireless device, then also you can upgrade it.

How much data do I need?

Data Usage can be easily calculated by using the Verizon data calculator available on their website. Switching over data plans anytime is always a viable option.


Verizon discount for senior citizens is a very affordable option with so many features. They have some of the most reliable, superfast, and unlimited talk time and texting facilities that senior citizens could think of. They have plans and systems that are just the thing for seniors, even at the age of 50 and above.

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