Wall Street Journal Senior Discount Requirements and Details

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular newspapers circulated in America. It is famously known as a paper that has taken the media by storm since it began its publication. It is also termed as The Journal. It is an English daily that primarily focuses on business.

Today, it has come to acquire the status of being referred to as a paper that is published and circulated internationally. There are Japanese and Chinese versions of the newspaper. You can get the paper six days a week all over the world. Unlike most other products sold across America, there is no specific Wall Street Journal senior discount. But it does give some benefits to its senior subscribers.

About The Wall Street Journal

The Journal, founded on July 8, 1889, has never stopped its publication for even a day since then. Its founders, Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser have ensured that the publication never went out of circulation even for a day of the six days in a week that they are printed.

It is one of the largest circulated dailies, reaching out to 4.3 million customers daily with its printed version. With its digital access, its digital sales touched 1,829,000. The paper publishes all kinds of news from the luxury to the business inside all corporate houses. The daily news has to its credit 37 Pulitzer prizes till August 2019. They print all types of news, even the news that does go into conflict with the general masses. At the core of their success is their ability to print news that is absolutely accurate and complete with every minute detail.

They have never published anything beyond business, but occasionally they published feature articles after World War II. And after that, they gradually ventured into other types of news that soon began to pick up with the newspaper.

Does the Wall Street Journal Provide Discounts for Seniors

Now the key question arises, “Is there a senior discount for The Wall Street Journal?” The answer is no. Although The Wall Street Journal does not give a discount to its senior subscribers, they have another benefit for them.

Though they do not give any sort of discount to seniors, they do advertise upfront to seniors and to organizations like AARP that the daily is available for the seniors at a discounted rate of $99. The Wall Street Journal for senior citizens is available at that rate, and your Wall Street Journal senior discount days are going to be spent in fun reading. To avail of this, the Wall Street Journal senior discount age is 65 and above.

If you can get hold of their Wall Street Journal discount for senior citizens or their discount codes, then there is a lot waiting for you. If you have a membership of The Wall Street Journal subscribers, then you will be lucky and get exclusive invites to exclusive events.

Along with this will come special offers for you. There are many more benefits to this subscription. They include invites to various events like lectures, arts, and food exhibitions, and experiences. In the past, they have even taken the members on a tour of their printing plant and evenings spent with wine specialists from various regions.

A promo code of The Wall Street Journal will get you all the articles combined with the special newsletters of different industries. You will be covered with pretty much everything.

Some popular Wall Street Journal discounts are:

  • Wall Street Journal Corporate Subscription
  • The Wall Street Journal Student Discount Sale: $24 for 1 Year
  • Save On Wall Street Journal Subscriptions
  • Wall Street Journal Digital Subscription Was: $38.99 Now: $8/month
  • 40% off Full Year Wall Street Journal Print & Digital Subscription
  • Up to 75% Off Wall Street Journal Sales, Promo Codes & Subscriptions Deals I January 2022

Some Other Ways to Save with the Wall Street Journal

The newspaper does not give much in terms of discounts, but you can save a lot by subscribing to it for 12 months on the go. There you can save 50% in terms of discounts. Instead of subscribing for 6 months, always aim for a yearlong subscription. That will help you to save money. Added to this benefit is that you can cancel out any time you want.

If you apply for the 50% off scheme for 6 months, you pay $387 in the first year. And if you pay for the 12 monthly scheme, then you pay $258. One can easily spot the better deal. Obviously, it’s the second one because you can save $129 in the first year with the 12-month promotion scheme.

If you can access the digital version, then you can get it for $8 along with taxes for the first year, and you get it at $38.99 with taxes after that. It means that there is a saving if you opt for a digital subscription.

The Wall Street Journal FAQs

How to avail of the savings with The Wall Street Journal discounts?

First, you must choose your mode of subscription, fill in your details, and then they will either be added to your account or you will have to fill in the designated place to avail of the discount.

Can there be a cancelation in the subscription to the Journal?

Yes, there can be a cancelation at any time. Just call their customer service care and inform them. The cancelation will come into effect by the end of your billing month.

Does the price of the subscription change from time to time?

The price does not fluctuate. After you run out of the introductory price offer period, you will be charged the normal rates that are applicable.

Is there a price matching policy with the company?

No, the company has no price matching policy.


After all the above discussions on the senior citizens discount policy of the company, it can be inferred that the best policy given by them is the 50% off promotion if you are a member of their subscription. If you are a member, you stand to benefit a lot, or else you will need to pay the standard market rate of the daily.

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