ANZ Mission Statement Analysis

ANZ bank is about 180 years old. It started as the Bank of Australasia in Sydney, founded by George Kinnear in the year 1835. Later, it also opened in Melbourne in 1838. ANZ is one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand. It is amongst the top 4 banks in Australia and is the largest bank in the top 50 banks of the world. 

Other than Australia and New Zealand, it operates in 33 countries, including Asia, the Pacific, Europe, America, and the Middle East. 

When the merger happened between the Bank of Australasia and Union Bank of Australia Limited in 1950, ANZ was born. It has a workforce of over 51000 employees and 570 branches and serves more than nine million customers worldwide.  

The vision and mission of the bank include the well-being of the customers. It always welcomes the people who learn, adapt, and hear out others. The bank applies the best tools and insights to add value to its customers’ lives. The bank aims at providing good returns to its shareholders through the balanced growth and performance of the bank. It also believes in working for society.

ANZ Mission Statement 

The ANZ mission statement is “To shape a world where people and communities thrive. Our people are proud to help people achieve incredible things – be it buying their home, building a business, or saving for things big or small.”

As highlighted by the ANZ mission statement, the bank’s purpose is to help people prosper. It wants the communities, individuals, and small and big businesses to progress. The primary purpose of ANZ bank is to subsidize people so that they can have a home they can call their own, do business without worrying about investment, and most importantly develop a habit of saving for the future. The whole idea is to see everyone progress and spread happiness.

 Since the beginning of the bank in 1830, it has focused on enabling families, businesses, and communities to take advantage of financial opportunities that come their way so that they can progress in life and have a secured future. 

In a scenario where technologies are changing every day, there are changes in demographics, and globalization is happening at a rapid pace, there are both opportunities and hurdles. ANZ bank encourages people to take advantage of excellent prospects, act suitably, and help the economy thrive while focusing on sustainable development at the same time. In simple words, the bank is aimed to create a sustainable and advancing economy where every individual can participate and have a better financial future.  

The bank has been focused on developing and providing top-notch customer services and products. It is also developing new channels for the distribution of its services. Helping small-time business owners is also ANZ’s priority mission. 

One of the key strategies of ANZ bank is to use its strong Australian and New Zealand foundation and distinguished geographic footmark and insights to meet the needs of its consumers. It is also aimed to link the regional trade and opportunities to increase its capital flow. It aims to create the strategies that help the bank in shaping thriving people and communities. 

The ANZ mission statement also outlines contributing towards a balanced and sustainable economy where everyone can participate and build a better life and financial future in a world where technologies are changing quickly, and globalization has connected the countries. The bank focuses on progressing each day through a positive mindset and competing in this technology-driven setting with a purpose to transform for the better. 

ANZ Vision Statement

The vision of an organization reveals where the top management sees the enterprise in the next few years. Companies share their vision with their team members so that the team can execute it properly. Only when the vision and mission of the company are clear to both the employees and the top management, the company can thrive and succeed in the right direction. The vision of ANZ involves keeping the company’s people motivated and making their job significant. 

The bank is aimed at creating top-notch trade, cash, and market experience for its consumers across the world. It has been developing various strategies and tools to provide better connectivity to its consumers worldwide. 

One of the essential tools in any business today is data, and ANZ bank has been focused on creating tools that can analyze the data and develop a better banking system. 

The strategies of ANZ bank have brought significant improvement in the bank’s business by streamlining and simplifying things. Along with this, the work culture of the bank has also significantly improved. The bank’s strategy has also helped it reduce the risk and cost involved in running the bank. 

ANZ Core Values 

The main object of the bank is to build a value-oriented culture in the bank. The values of the banks include caring for its customers, employees, business, and communities in all situations. It also includes contributing to the communities in all the ways possible. Five core values that ANZ cares about are integrity, accountability, respect, excellence, and collaboration. 

The code of conduct and winning behavior are critical elements of ANZ’s culture. The bank’s culture ensures that they are continually improving and adapting to the well-being of their customers. ANZ strives to be customer-oriented. The bank uses technology and data, combined with empathy, trust, and human behavior, to build strong customer relationships. 

The bank cares for its customers, employees, and community, and it creates better solutions for the customers. The bank’s management also speaks up where ever it sees the need for change in its strategies to better the customers and employees. ANZ bank and its staff and management are always keen to learn and grow. It is not afraid to try new strategies, nor is it scared of failures. The bank uses data to improve by deciphering learnings from it. There are clear boundaries and freedom within the bank’s setup, and everyone has to act accordingly. The major focus of the bank is always on the outcomes and not on the hierarchy.

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