Pizza Hut Mission Statement

The founders of Pizza Hut were two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, who established a single-location outlet in Texas. Back then, they offered a slice of pizza along with soda for $1. Pizza hut started in 1958 and has headquarters in the UK. Eventually, the business grew, and the business underwent a global expansion in 1961. Pizza Hut also became an international brand that promised to deliver pizza in under 30 minutes. Today, they have outlets all over the world.

Pizza Hut Mission

The Pizza Hut mission statement says, “We take pride in making a perfect pizza and providing courteous and helpful service on time all the time. Every customer says, “I’ll be back! We are the employer of choice offering team members opportunities for growth, advancement, and rewarding careers in a fun, safe working environment. We are accountable for profitability in everything we do, providing our shareholders with value growth.”

The mission statement suggests that Pizza Hut wants to be the best in the pizzeria section. The company strives to achieve its mission by using fresh and local ingredients that work in the best interest of its brand.

They also want to be the best in the service department by making every customer’s dining experience at Pizza Hut memorable. They have a strong desire to see their customers back for more again and strive to gain a growing and loyal base of customers.

In addition, Pizza Hut mission and vision also focus on increasing the profitability of the company. So, they can give more value to the shareholders for constant growth. They also focus on passion, execution, accountability, recognition, and safety. 

Pizza Hut Vision Statement

The Pizza Hut vision statement is “To improve the well-being of customers, community, and every person connected to the enterprise.” 

This statement indicates that the enterprise focuses on three areas. Firstly, it wants to become the best employer for every community and wants every customer to have the best Pizza Hut experience whether they opt for takeaway or dine-in.

Secondly, the company wants its employees to be highly motivated and driven, so they look for ways to encourage them.
Thirdly, Pizza Hut maintains the interest of its franchise owner to keep the profit flowing. This highlights that Pizza Hut focuses on maintaining the interest of its customers, their employees, and their franchise owners in various ways. 

Pizza Hut Core Values

Pizza Hut core values are integrity, excellence, profitability, and organizational growth. Through its core values of integrity and excellence, the company wants to keep customers happy, thereby resulting in profitability and organizational growth. The aim is to attain the highest standards by providing the required tools, training, and motivation to give their best.


Pizza Hut mission and vision statements, along with values, focus on attaining customers’ satisfaction and creating more profit for the investors. Over the years, Pizza Hut has been able to maintain quality and offer an impeccable taste.  

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