GAP Inc Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

GAP mission statement is “to democratize fashion and make shopping fun again. To bring incredible style and quality to families the world over.” The statement shows that satisfying the needs of the customers and giving them memorable experiences is a priority. It comprises of various components:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Distinguished quality

The main concern of this company as shown by the first component is to positively impact on the lives of its customers just like it did its founders by providing fitting jeans. Today, GAP has gone a notch higher to include other clothing and accessories other than attractive jeans in the market. The second component emphasizes on the resolute quality that GAP maintains in all its men, women, girls’ and boys’ products.


The mission and vision statements of GAP Inc are proof of a company whose commitment is to the planet and the future. The founders, Doris and Don Fisher inspired the ambition to transform GAP into a force for good since the early days of the company in 1969. The mission and vision statements have gradually made this a reality, affirming their importance in a company. A corporate vision statement identifies future goals, while a corporate mission statement determines the strategies of their achievement.

In this case analysis, the vision statement of GAP is to offer people the best opportunities through its clothing designs. The mission statement emphasizes on the democratization of fashion to propel invention and make the vision of the company realizable. Today, GAP has made notable strides in this ambition with additional support from the core values it applies. They have equally been critical in its success journey.

Vision Statement

GAP vision statement is “creating opportunities for the people and communities touched by our business throughout the world.” The statement shows that GAP does more than designing and selling clothes – it impacts the people it serves through:

  1. Creating opportunities
  2. Global reach

The commitment of GAP Inc to the stability of the environment through the protection of the natural resources creates a better life full of opportunities for everyone. GAP also extends its corporate social responsibilities into programs that empower and improve people’s quality of life. As a global brand, there is no physical limitation as GAP reaches out in all parts of the world.

Core Values

 GAP core values comprise “serving the world, prioritizing our customers, respect, and promoting innovations.” These are the elements that guide the internal operations of this corporation. Their presence has undoubtedly enabled GAP to grow into a global enterprise.


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