Cepheid Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Cepheid mission statement is “delivering a better way to improve patient outcomes by enabling access to molecular diagnostic testing everywhere.” The focus of Cepheid is on the alternatives it brings in the care process and the impacts they have on the patients. These are the main characteristic of this statement:

  1. Transforming healthcare
  2. Improving health

With the first component, Cepheid confirms its commitment to changes in the health sector. Fast and accurate testing of diseases is an important aspect for quality care, and therefore, Cepheid directs its resources to the development of appropriate machines for this work. It is through their availability that patients get timely diagnosis, leading to appropriate treatments, and consequently better recovery.


Cepheid has transformed healthcare with its innovative technologies for rapid testing of diseases. The mission and vision statements of this company prove how passionate Cepheid is in advancing this call. A corporate vision statement shows the desired future achievements of a company. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement indicates how the company seeks to realize these accomplishments.

In this case of Cepheid, the vision of the company is all about the provision of better alternatives for the patients. The mission statement is also closely related to it as it talks about the impact Cepheid has on the diagnostic needs of patients. In addition, Cepheid benefits from its core values as they increasingly improve its progress towards its vision.

Vision Statement

Cepheid vision statement is “Cepheid for a better way.” The company recognizes the need for doing things differently. It particularly considers molecular testing one of the most advanced approaches with a potential to improve patients outcomes. The statement relates to these components:

  1. Innovations
  2. Better way

Ever since Kurt Petersen started this institution in 1996, it has retained its goal of designing innovative products that target to improve the healthcare process. The vision of this company has always been to come up with the most appropriate techniques for identifying diseases and increasing the chances of patient recovery. The second component in this vision statement is a direct product of the first one in that the presence of advanced tools provides better diagnostic alternatives.

Core Values

Cepheid core values include “innovation, integrity, being passionate and sustainability.” At Cepheid, there is no limit to how sophisticated and efficient diagnostic tools can be. The company constantly motivates its workforce to improve everything, including their interrelationships with patients during care. In addition, Cepheid values the protection of Mother Nature as it pursues excellence in its work.


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