McKesson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

McKesson mission statement is “to provide comprehensive pharmacy solutions that improve productivity, profitability and result in superior patient care and satisfaction.” In this statement, the focus is on the influence of McKesson on the quality of care that patients receive. The statement by McKesson has these components:

  1. Providing solutions
  2. Improving health

The first component in this mission statement indicates the importance of pharmaceutical solutions in boosting the quality of healthcare services. McKesson contributes to this call through its pharmacy management services and a wide range of technological supports and supplies. In addition, it also offers specialty practice solutions that adds to the various ways through which it satisfies the second component in this mission statement – improvement of the health of patients. Such influence is what has transformed McKesson as a global establishment in the contemporary era.


McKesson Corporation is a leading wholesaler of medical equipment, supplies, and a provider of technological solutions in the healthcare industry. This firm has earned its place among the top players in the sector through its ability to deliver value. The rise to popularity among its customers has particularly been driven by the specificity of its mission and vision statements.

A vision statement simply describes the desired future of a business. For example, McKesson’s vision points at the need of running its services in a structured and procedural approach to ensure it sufficiently satisfies all its customers. On the other hand, a mission statement determines the main activities of a business. For instance, McKesson singles out pharmacy solutions as the most critical approaches for boosting care and productivity in the health industry.

Besides, McKesson is alive to the role its core values have played from 1826 to date. They have enabled the company to maintain both its focus and stability irrespective of numerous business dynamics over the years.

Vision Statement

McKesson vision statement is “to improve care in every setting — one product, one partner, one patient at a time.” The business is very definite about the approach that it considers critical for its success in the healthcare industry. Such an attitude shows how much it values being procedural. The statement has these major components:

  1. Improve care
  2. In every setting

The first component highlights improvement of care as the primary goal of this organization. It does this through its numerous solutions such as pharmaceutical distributions and technological services. In the second component, McKesson shows that its reach is not just limited to certain areas and departments. Instead, it comprehensively covers all healthcare sectors and their needs.

Core Values

McKesson core values include “integrity, customer-first, accountability, respect, and excellence.” These guiding principles show that McKesson is categorical about how it runs its business. The firm has maintained its growth trend by ensuring that all its workers, investors and other stakeholders are led by these values, which it calls the iCare model. Today, McKesson continues to enjoy the progressiveness it draws from these values as they promote creativity, cooperation and most of all respect critical in making any organization reputable.


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