Biocept Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


Biocept is one of the few cancer diagnostic firms that continue to advance and ease the process of detecting cancerous cells in patients. The mission and vision statements of this company are evidence of the sophisticated, yet easy and fast techniques that this company has designed over the decades. Since 1997, Biocept has shown its passion for refining CTC and tumor DNA assays while using the most standard sample – blood.

The mission statement of Biocept supports this development by emphasizing the commitment of this company to offer physicians the most effective and quick way of diagnosing cancer in patients. Biocept considers this the first major step in better treatment of cancer. In fact, this agrees with the vision statement, which is all about transforming cancer treatment. Additionally, the success recorded by Biocept is also influenced by its core values that streamline and focuses the company towards its goals.

Mission Statement

Biocept mission statement is “to help physicians treat cancer patients more effectively by obtaining actionable information from a simple blood sample to develop personalized treatment plans.” Based on this statement, Biocept specializes in providing healthcare experts with advanced diagnostic information to improve cancer treatment. These components represent this statement:

  1. Improving health
  2. Improving lives

For effective and positive outcomes in cancer treatments, health experts must be adequately equipped with the best and the latest approaches for diagnosis. Biocept solves this problem through its liquid biopsy testing services that enable oncologists to use blood sample for rapid testing and monitoring of cancer biomarkers.  This technology gives actionable information that keeps the experts ahead of the disease, and this translates to better recovery for patients. Such a capacity satisfies the second component of this mission statement – improvement in the lives of patients.

Vision Statement

Biocept vision statement can be quoted as “we are dedicated to one thing: Improving outcomes for cancer patients.” The company uses its innovative diagnostic technology to provide critical information for cancer patients when needed. It has this component:

  1. Improving outcomes. With Biocept, there is nothing like an insufficient sample – its approach is ideal to help physicians with the right information to get their patients started with focused treatment plans on time.

Core Values

Biocept core values comprise “innovativeness, patients first, integrity, and passion.” The dedication characterizing Biocept is enough to prove that this organization has the best culture that cares about wellness of the people. This is all because of its core values that prioritize on doing the best for the patients.


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