Analysis of Younique Mission and Vision Statement

Younique mission statement is “To uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.” Younique mission comprehensively breaks down all the key components that make it unique in meeting the beauty and sense of worth in women. With this, it is obvious Younique is all about women and their welfare with a focus on empowering them. In fact, the company primarily seeks to exploit its beauty product to stimulate this empowerment. Younique mission statement includes the following critical factors:

  1. Improving people’s lives
  2. People empowerment
  3. Global reach
  4. High-quality products
  5. Financial benefits and personal growth opportunities

The first factor in Younique mission statement not only highlights its target customers but also what it seeks to do for them. Its focus comes out clearly that the company primarily seeks to raise the status of women. It closely relates to the second one that explores techniques the company leverages to give women a sense of control and power by being appreciated. For example, the mere feeling in a woman that she is a beauty translates to heightened self-esteem, which in turn gives them confidence and zest to face the world. The mission of the firm also outlines its scope of reach which extends to the global level. Younique also emphasizes high-quality product and sees this as the critical element towards the women empowerment. The company’s demonstration of absolute seriousness in ensuring only the best products go out in the market is shown by how it vigorously fights counterfeits through its Younique Customer Care. Such determination distinguishes it especially in how it leaves nothing to chance, gifting women with the best and satisfying products that stimulate both their inner and outer beauty. While refining the lives of people and empowering them takes the center stage, Younique mission also emphasizes the lucrative financial rewards together with personal growth for all its customers. The Love It. Share It. Live It section tells it all – Younique is much more about holistic growth!


Younique Company stands as one of the fastest growing sales companies across the globe. It exclusively exploits social media to remain atop of the rest in the beauty products business. As a family based business founded by two siblings, a brother and a sister in 2012, it highly values strong relational bonds. In fact, Younique mission and vision statements are a perfect reflection of what the company is all about. The corporate vision statement outlines the future developmental position that a business wants to be in. Younique vision envisages a world where all its channels are a source of women empowerment through innovative approaches. To achieve this, the mission statement, which comprises the ingredients or the growth steps a company must follow to realize its vision comes into play. In this case, Younique mission statement explicitly lays out the actions to take to elevate the status of women. The mission and vision statements of Younique are further strengthened and interlinked by its family-based values. The values of a business are imperative when it comes to the realization of both the mission and the vision of a company. Younique assumes all family values that prioritize respect and trustworthiness, honesty, community bettering, and most of all teamwork towards a common goal. Seamless interaction of the values, mission, and vision of the company has seen Younique come out as one of the most competitive and a vibrant sales firm with attractive returns to all its associated stakeholders.

Vision Statement

Younique vision statement is “A world where women of all ages feel beautiful, smart, and confident through all company channels, initiatives, and products. Globally seamless and leveraging innovation, our mission will transcend borders, cultures, and languages and ultimately affect the mainstream perception of both inner and outer beauty.” The mission statement validates Younique diversity and distinctive approach of distinguishing itself as a beauty products sales company. For instance, it also displays its value for the concept of innovativeness in stimulating business excellence. The following factors relate to Younique vision statement:

  1. A global feeling of beauty in women
  2. All company channels, initiatives, and products
  3. Leveraging innovation
  4. Affect mainstream perception of inner and outer beauty

The first factor in Younique vision envisages a situation where all women, irrespective of their personal characteristics enjoy the feeling of beauty through its products and services. The achievement of this vision is dependent on the second factor that looks at ensuring all the operations of the company focusses on creating an environment that supports global beauty in women as customer kudos show. The leveraging innovation factor is a reflection of the company’s preparedness to go out of the ordinary to reach out to its customers. All this is in an effort to ensure it positively affects the mainstream perceptions of beauty in its last component.

Core Values

The core values of Younique include “bettering of communities, respect, and courteousness, honesty, and teamwork.” They show that the company embraces family values as its guiding elements. The following components relate to Younique’ core values:

  1. Community bettering
  2. Respect and courteousness
  3. Honesty
  4. Teamwork

The first component shows that community welfare is at the heart of the company. For instance, this is the reason the company seeks to improve the situation of women through its beauty product sales business. The second factor underscores the role of respect and courtesy in the success and longevity of the company especially in interacting with its customers. In fact, this is a concept the company lays a lot of emphasis on in its explanations of the aspects that make joining the team and making connections run seamlessly. Similarly, honesty emerges as a critical component Younique has to prioritize for the growth of the company’s reputation and to ensure it gains the desired impact globally. In the last factor, Younique highlights teamwork as an essential element that would see the company achieve its global goals and objectives.


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