Athersys Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Athersys mission statement is that “we are committed to the development of innovative and best-in-class therapies designed to address areas of significant unmet medical need, and that have the potential to extend and enhance the quality of human life.” The company primarily targets all its efforts towards the enrichment of medical approaches by investing in areas that remain scarcely explored, and with potential to add to the effectiveness of the sector. The statement has the following main features:

  1. Innovative therapies
  2. Improving health

To satisfy the first feature in this statement, Athersys exploits its expertise and experience to come up with better treatment options for various diseases. For instance, the company is currently carrying out multiple clinical trials on its MultiStem therapy. This approach is branded as the new era of medicine due to its potential to treat a wide spectrum of conditions such as the inflammatory, neurological, cardiovascular and immune-related ones. With such protective characteristics, Athersys shows that it undeniably impacts positively on the health of humanity.


Athersys has rejuvenated the approaches used in the creation of regenerative medicines through its modern clinical-stage approaches. As a biotechnology company, Athersys recognizes the importance of improving the quality of human life through its work, something that its mission and vision statements similarly emphasize on. A corporate vision statement is a definition of what a business desires to achieve, while a corporate mission statement reveals the strategies that would make it possible for a firm to achieve its vision.

In this case analysis of Athersys, both the mission and the vision statements are all about the impact the company can have on human life. Particularly, the mission statement highlights the role of its innovative therapies when it comes to enhancement of the quality of life. Athersys also depends on its core values to drive its passion and ensure that everything it does contributes to the mission and vision of the firm.

Vision Statement

Athersys vision statement is yet to be published on its site. Even without it, it is clear that this is a visionary company determined to pioneer new therapies and lead in the growth of the biotechnology and medicine industry.

The research and development section of this company is proof of how advanced the company is when it comes to invention of adaptive treatment options.

Core Values

Athersys core values comprise “teamwork, honesty and integrity, scientific excellence and innovation, personal and corporate responsibility.” These values guide the organization towards its purpose of impacting on humanity. They create a conducive environment that not only promotes collaboration but also enhance the creativity to do better.


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