The Purpose of a Powerful Mission Statement for a Business

Powerful Mission Statement

Nowadays, every business lays emphasis on making its mission statement powerful. It doesn’t matter whether you have a micro online business or a huge retail supermarket. If you own any business, chances are that you need a powerful mission statement too. 

But why is it so important? What purpose does this powerful mission statement serve, and what makes it different from the usual ones? Let’s unravel all the answers together!

What Makes a Mission Statement Powerful?

A mission statement defines the purpose and goals of a business. It summarizes why the organization exists and operates. However, it shouldn’t just be any generic sentence stating the business aims. 

Instead, the mission statement must comprise a bunch of characteristics to be powerful. These include:

  • Precise – the best mission statements are 1 to 3 sentences long.
  • Direct – fluff and exaggeration about your business will do no good. You want the reader to have a clear understanding of business aims. 
  • Unique – every business is unique, and the mission statement should reflect that. It should be tailored around your specific business. 

For a better idea, let’s take an example of the famous PCOS supplements brand called S’moo.

It’s our mission to empower women to be the best version of themselves by achieving optimal hormone balance and finding support through a community of like-minded women.

Notice how they have highlighted what they aim to achieve, who their target audience is, and how they will achieve it.

How Does a Powerful Mission Statement Help a Business?

A powerful mission statement can do wonders for a business. Here’s what makes it so important and useful: 

Unifies the Business Under One Purpose.

Since a mission statement is the summary of an organization’s goals, it gives everyone one purpose to work on and achieve. This aligns the behavior of all employees and staff members in one direction. Hence, making the objectives easier to fulfill and achieve.

Improves Employee Performance

The increased awareness about business objectives means the employees can better assess how they’re working. This self-evaluation also enables them to think about how their actions will impact the business’s future, and so they feel motivated to perform better.

Contributes to Brand Identity.

A mission statement lays down the foundation of the business and so every decision will be based upon it. This includes the brand identity, which is the personality of your business. Or, you can say how customers perceive your business.

Helps Attract the Right Talent.

Mission statements are available to everyone. You’ll typically find them published on the About Us page of official business websites. What does it mean for you?

It means that potential employees and business partners can use the mission statement to decide whether they want to establish relations or not. Consequently, this puts less burden on the HR department and better operations.

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